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17 fun pencil cases for writers, book lovers and word nerds. Like us!

We love pencil cases! They’re where we put all our pencils! And pens, and earbuds, and erasers, and… pretty much anything that’ll fit. As our kids head back to school, we’re getting serious about corralling clutter, and if we can do it with flair, even better. So we’ve put together a ton of cool pencil cases especially geared toward lovers of books and writing. Or, as we like to call ourselves, word nerds. And we’re so pleased that this post is brought to you by our newest sponsor Pentel because, hello? What writer doesn’t adore premium quality pens that help you express your own writing style and creativity....

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Some of our favorite camp stationery for kids: Here’s hoping they write to us.

When I was a kid at summer camp, mail time was always one of the best parts of my days. And I’d imagine now, a time when hardly any of us get actual personal snail mail at all, camp mail is an even more exciting ritual. So we’ve got some cool ideas to help arm your campers with some awesome camp stationery for kids, so they can write you about everything they’re enjoying — and everything they’re missing from home). Because the only thing better than letters from home while you’re at camp, are letters from camp when you’re the parent back home....

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Fireflies: A writer’s notebook so great for kids, you may never see it again.

This review almost didn’t happen, because my daughter “lost” this writer’s notebook; she’d written so many hopes, dreams, and ideas in it that she didn’t want anyone, to see it. Ever. It’s that kind of book. It inspires trust and sparks imagination. And she only let me have it back briefly, if I promised not to read what she’d written. And I’m trying really, really hard not to. It’s called Fireflies: A Writer’s Notebook, and although it’s been written for all ages, it’s especially perfect for my precocious eight-year-old writer. The idea is that ideas are like fireflies, which can spark...

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Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought author series. Because burritos go better with bon mots

While we try to cook most of our meals at home–with the help of all of the awesome recipes curated on Cool Mom Picks by our resident foodie, Stacie Billis–sometimes dining out is a necessity. You get it. And now Chipotle’s new Cultivating Thought author series is a very cool effort that just put the chain at the top of my list for our next pit stop. Author Jonathan Safran Foer apparently came up with the idea to print writing selections on cups and bags after stopping for a bite at Chipotle one day, then finding himself with nothing to read. He pitched the Chipotle CEO, who loved the...

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Little Red Writing book: A picture book that inspires kids to write, not just read

Our favorite picture books inspire our kids to come up with stories of their own, though I’m especially excited about the Little Red Writing book, which also teaches them the how to construct the story so that it’s entertaining and fun. Because while I have always loved my kids’ stories, they definitely get better when they aren’t one big run-on sentence. (Sorry kids.) Written by Joan Holub and illustrated by Melissa Sweet, the book packs several grammar lessons into a story borrowed heavily from Little Red Riding Hood, as you might have guessed. Little Red is a pencil who is assigned a writing...

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Grammar police: Your mugs are here.

We all have our pet peeves, and one of mine happens to be spelling and grammar. Even a text message with they’re/there/their used incorrectly is enough to make me cringe. (To say nothing of all the pitches we receive daily that assure us “mom’s will love this!”) That’s why this set of mugs would be perfect for starting every grammatically-correct day. I love how the Grammar Grumbles mugs from The Literary Gift Company illustrate the proper use of two/to/too and clarify that no one will actually die if they don’t get what they’re yearning for. (It’s a figure of...

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The greatest quotes from the greatest female role models: Bookmark The Reconstructionists, stat.

As we move to empower our daughters, to help them find strong role models (you know, whose accomplishments don’t include “twerking”), and to get them excited about their potential, I’m so delighted to find a new website that helps do those very things.   The Reconstructionists is a Tumblr blog which is celebrating remarkable women for a whole year. Created as a partnership between Maria Popova of Brainpickings and amazing illustrator Lisa Congdon, I cannot stop poring through it. Gather your daughters–and sons–around, read the short bios, explore the quotes, and get some good discussions going.  You’ll of course find ususal female role model...

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Grammar Rules. Even in the kitchen.

Hi, Word Nerd here. You know, the type who cringes wildly every time she receives a pitch promising “A Great Story Idea For Mom’s Everywhere.” I’m also a little anal about the its/it’s issues on my children’s homework, so you can imagine how excited I am about this line of grammar police dishware.     The may/can plates from Grammar Rules are so perfect for kids, giving you the perfect opportunity to explain that “yes, everyone can have ice cream for breakfast but no, you may not.” (Or at least that’s the example I might use.) They’re such fun...

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Will they stop teaching cursive? Not in our house.

With all the talk about getting rid of cursive handwriting in schools, this writer is a little panicky. Fortunately my kids are showing the inclination anyway. Which is in part why I’m loving these awesome personalized placemats to help them do that very thing. We fell in love with the awesome kids’ personalized placemats from Sarah + Abraham a while back–my kids still love sitting down at the chair where they see a likeness of their faces staring back at them. Plus? The placemats show no real sign of wear and tear, even after everyday use for more than...

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The write way to celebrate Pi Day

Ok, so there’s actually no wrong way to celebrate Pi Day, which is today, 3.14. (Get it?) But this option is inexpensive, functional, and calorie-free. Plus, it can help your kids learn more than the first three digits of everyone’s favorite mathematical constant. The Pi Pencil Pack from Wacodis on Etsy brings you plenty of pretty pastel pencils printed with, well, pi. Say that three times fast–or 3.14 times fast. You get thirty pencils in colors of your choice, hand-printed with as many digits of pi as possible. And they’re not shoddy pencils, either, but No. 2 graphite with...

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