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The wackiest, coolest summer camps for kids. Can we go too?

Summer camps have changed a lot since we were kids. No offense to good ol’ Camp Starfire and the many, many lanyards we made there, but the options for our kids are wildly creative, expertly thought-out, and — sometimes — curiously specific. Circus camp? Spy camp? Zombie survival camp? Check, check, and OMG check. With a list like this, your kids are sure to be happy campers — so much so, maybe they’ll forget to pretend to be homesick. But, before you pack your kids up and ship them off to, say, stunt double training (yes, really), be sure to vet each of these camps yourself....

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10 creative Zombie party ideas that are more creepy-fun than outright disgusting.

If cackling witches and spiders that drop from doorways aren’t quite creepy enough for you for Halloween, perhaps a zombie-themed party is more your speed. I started looking for some fun zombie party ideas now that my kids are getting older, but I realized so many of them are absolutely gross. As in brain cakes, that look so realistic I couldn’t even eat one. So I pared it down to the party ideas that are more fun and creative; hey, we don’t want your guests to lose their appetites for all the delicious food you’re serving at your party. Before you invite the undead to your...

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Plants vs. Zombies, now on your windowsill

There’s a zombie on your la-awn… and on your windowsill, thanks to this fun new Zombie Plant Growing Kit from our pals at TickleMe Plants. Since I kill most of the plants I try to grow, I’m intrigued by the idea of a plant that is actually supposed to die when I touch it. And my kids will get a major kick out of watching it come back to life, which that tomato plant from NASA definitely didn’t do. Please don’t tell Bobak Ferdowsi. The Zombie Plant is actually Mimosa pudica, which was common in the wild where I...

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The coolest kids’ toys: Editors’ Best of 2013

There are always so many of the coolest kids’ toys from small companies for us to discover each year and 2013 was no exception. In our Editors’ Best of 2013 series, we offer you our very favorites of the year, each of which was chosen for its originality, craftsmanship, great design, and low wear-out factor. They’re not all the toys you’ll find in the big stores, and that’s in part what we love about them.       The Rainbow Loom As our editor Liz said on CNN this year, 2013 was the year of the Rainbow Loom! Girls...

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Good mojo from yarn zombies? We’re in, especially if it includes sock monkeys.

There’s an uncomfortable stage in between childhood and adulthood when you might need a good luck charm or security blanket, but you know the other kids are going to make fun of it. We’re betting that if your good juju comes in the form of a zipper-chested twin zombie sock monkey, they’re going to back right off. These little Yarn Zombies are an adorable but edgy way to give someone a boost of confidence, love, or quirky goodwill right when they need it most while maintaining their valuable street cred. Each knitted, 5-inch tall talisman is geared toward a specific...

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Zombie prints with just the right amount of bite

Sure, Halloween is coming up, but around here we’re zombie fans all year long. So it’s no wonder these bold, fun prints caught our attention. All those times we’ve watched our kids perch on the diving board and refuse to jump in? Maybe they weren’t worried about swimming safely to the ladder. Maybe they were picturing zombies lurking at the bottom of the pool.   And when we spend the day making a snowman, only to wake up the next morning and find it gone, maybe it hasn’t melted after all. Maybe snowmen are actually zombie popsicles. Or maybe...

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Tired of cute bunnies and chicks? How about zombies?

Are you sick of bunnies, flowers, and butterflies yet? Okay, we’re not either, thanks to that extra-long winter. Still, we’re year-round zombie fans, especially when they’re adorable and delicious.  The Undead Zombie Cookie Cutters from Perpetual Kid are a slightly skewed way to celebrate the rebirth of spring. Or that’s how I’m seeing it. Each set comes with three cookie cutters made from food-safe plastic that you can even toss in the dishwasher. Whether you prefer your shambling corpses to be hunching, walking, or running, your kids will have tons of fun icing them and adding bloody red sprinkles....

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5 geeky, spooky, and altogether kooky cookies for Halloween

Get out the flour and sugar. Crack the eggs (better use than egging the grouchy neighbors, trust us). Monster mash everything up. And then select the perfect creepy cookie cutters for a very happy Halloween snack. First we brought you NINJAbread Men. Now we’re digging these GingerDEAD Men! Just cut out the shape with one side and impress the bones with the other. Mmm…crunchy. Future mad scientists might enjoy the four fun shapes in the Labcutters Science Cookie Cutters. Some iced beakers and test tubes would be the perfect accompaniment for chemistry homework. Baking involves tons of science, you know. Don’t...

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Ding, dong, the witch is read: nifty 3D bookmarks

Book lovers, we’ve come across some major cuteness for you. We think you and your Munchkins are going to go (winged) ape for these adorable 3D bookmarks. And if you’re not into The Wizard of Oz, they come in several other shapes, including pirates, zombies, and Louboutins…oh my! From the Wicked Witch’s stripey socks to Dorothy’s demurely folded socks and famous ruby slippers, MyBOOKmark on Etsy offers dozens of unique and clever three-dimensional bookmarks for bibliophiles with a sense of humor. Each pair of legs pokes two inches or so out of your book. They’re hand-crafted of polymer clay, painted,...

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Organize your books from A to Zombie

Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on this sharp set of bookends. From Boneshaker to World War Z, you’ve finally got a place to keep your favorite books about how to survive the coming zombiepocalypse.  Not into zombies? That’s okay, too. This awesome Etsy shop offers cool bookends for book lovers of all stripes. Handmade and designed from solid steel by Knob Creek Metal Arts, these Zombie Bookends in hammered black cut steel would even be helpful in case of zombie attack. I mean, can you imagine facing the undead with those adorable balloon dog bookends we covered?...

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5 tech picks you won’t want to miss this week

Ah, Spring. When our thoughts turn lightly to disinfecting the keyboard and running away from zombies. Yours will too, once you check out these top picks from the last week. 1. Kids and parents of all ages will love this amazing atlas iPad app that makes us want to travel the world– and poke camels. 2. Don’t forget to spring clean your tech! We’ve got loads of great tips for cleaning your tech, many of which are completely free and use things you already have in your kitchen. 3. Need motivation for your run? We’ve found an app that...

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Build your own zombiepocalypse

Legos are just so timeless, so simple, so wholesome. You can build houses and cities and adorable robots, sprawled in front of a roaring fire with your future architect. Or you can turn those happy little blocks into a zombie-infested nightmare rife with bloodstains and axes. Your choice. We simply must spread the delightful infection that is the Zombie Mod kit from BrickStix. These amazing clinging vinyl decals attach to your Legos (or “other connecting bricks”) and can be repositioned and used again and again without losing their clinginess. For being a Zombie Mod kit, they’re not too gruesome– no...

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