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Friday 15 November

A foodie's paradise, now at BRIKA

Brika Gourmet Food Gifts | Cool Mom PicksThey had me at White Chocolate Lover Pretzels. It's the new gourmet offerings from indie maker website Brika, and zomg, this is gourmet gift central. Only small and manageable. Which is nice. ...

Wednesday 13 November

Make-ahead Thanksgiving Day recipes for a delectably easy menu

Cornbread, Sausage and Pecan Stuffing at Cool Mom PicksIf you're as busy as I am -- and I'll bet good money that you are -- you're starting to feel the crush of the holiday season. Take a deep breath: everything will get done, and with a little planning you can have some fun, too. ...

Saturday 09 November

Six cute Thanksgiving treats that will have the kids gobbling them up

Thanksgiving turkey-shaped sandwich on Cool Mom PicksLet's face it: Thanksgiving is for feasting. Dinner may be the main attraction, but this holiday is about grazing on deliciousness all day long. The food doesn't have to be fussy or labor-intensive--save the hard work for your turkey dinner. ...

Wednesday 06 November

4 all-natural sauces that cut weeknight cooking time in half

Maya Kaimal simmer sauces on Cool Mom PicksWith Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (A.K.A. Thanksgivukkah) just three weeks away, the food conversation will soon turn to brisket and turkey, Santa cookies and pie. While I'm looking forward to holiday food as much as the next cool mom, I'm also wondering how I'll make it through the hectic holiday season--cooking, shopping, baking, parties--while keeping up with my daily responsibilities. ...

Tuesday 05 November

The Thanksgiving holiday cookie contest: great activity idea for kids!

Thanksgiving Cookie Decorating for Kids | Cool Mom PicksThis year, we're going to have quite a few kids at the Thanksgiving table and so my oldest daughter came up with what I think is a great idea: A Thanksgiving holiday cookie contest. ...

Monday 04 November

Marry Mr. Darcy? Nah, eat him instead.

Jane Austen cookie cutters | Cool Mom PicksOddly enough, I'm not talking about literary Halloween zombies; I'm talking about cookies. Specifically, those made with this adorable set of Jane Austen cookie cutters. ...

Saturday 02 November

8 must-have holiday cookbooks for a super delicious season

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays cookbook on Cool Mom PicksWith Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving--and Hanukkah!--right around the corner, it's time to start collecting culinary inspiration for your perfect holiday menu. ...

Friday 01 November

Donating leftover Halloween candy, and other ways to get it out of the house.

Halloween Candy Buyback | Cool Mom PicksEvery Halloween, one of the biggest questions we get from readers is what to do with the leftover Halloween Candy. Should you for some bizarre reason not want to eat every single bit of sugar your kids brought into the house this week, here are some of our favorite ideas from past posts. ...

Thursday 31 October

Yummy recipes using leftover Halloween candy. On the outside chance you have any.

10 recipes using leftover Halloween candy | Cool Mom PicksIf you're like me, you're going to wake up in the morning with a sugar hangover, wondering just what the heck to do with all those leftover Halloween candies. ...

Tuesday 29 October

6 easy, last-minute Halloween treats that are way more impressive than a bowlful of candy corn

Last Minute Halloween Donut on Cool Mom PicksYou had big Halloween plans, right? And then...time slipped away. I've been there. Throw together a one of these super cute, last-minute treats with what you have on hand or can easily grab at the store. ...

Sunday 27 October

The ultimate last-minute Halloween idea guide for parents: costumes, treats, pumpkins, printables and more.

last minute halloween ideas | cool mom picksWe have featured so many helpful posts lately on Halloween treats, tricks, costumes and beyond, we wanted to put them all in one place. After all, we can't be the only ones who still have plenty to do--or uh, haven't gotten started? ...

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