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Friday 15 November

A foodie's paradise, now at BRIKA

Brika Gourmet Food Gifts | Cool Mom PicksThey had me at White Chocolate Lover Pretzels. It's the new gourmet offerings from indie maker website Brika, and zomg, this is gourmet gift central. Only small and manageable. Which is nice. ...

Saturday 26 October

6 freakishly easy, terribly tasty Halloween dinners

The age-old Halloween question: what to eat before heading out to trick-or-treat? It has to be a meal that's quick or easy to fit between the mad rush of getting home from school and heading out for your annual candy collection. ...

Friday 25 October

8 healthier Halloween candies for trick-or-treaters (no, not carrot sticks)

Halloween candy | Cool Mom PicksThough I always complain about the full-to-bursting sack of candy my kids bring home on Halloween night, they just wouldn't be as excited by carrot sticks and apple slices. With that in mind, I try to buy treats from companies who take great care to make yummy things with better ingredients and no artificial dyes or fake flavors. 

Fortunately, a lot of these higher-quality treats can be found on the shelves of your local stores, like Whole Foods and Target, making it even easier to stock up in this week before the big day. But hurry---we all know the good stuff sells out first. -Christina ...

Wednesday 23 October

Surprise your kids with 6 spooktacular Halloween lunch box ideas

Mad scientist Halloween bento lunch box on Cool Mom PicksI love beautiful bento lunch boxes, but some of them make you feel like you need an MFA in order to make your kid's lunch. Especially holiday-themed lunch boxes! For Halloween I decided to come up with a few easy, festive lunch boxes. ...

Tuesday 22 October

5 tips for making Halloween safer for kids with peanut and tree nut allergies

Yummy Earth nut-free candy | Cool Mom PicksWith some of our own kids at Cool Mom Picks grappling with peanut and tree nut allergies that range from mild to life-threatening, we really have a heightened awareness of making Halloween fun and safe for all kids. ...

Saturday 19 October

6 pumpkin-inspired sweets you can serve up without lifting a finger

Pumpkin Spice Crispy Rice Treat on Cool Mom PicksLast week we talked apple treats, and this week it's pumpkin time. You're picking pumpkins this year, right? Now all you have to do is seed, peel, and cube your pumpkin. So easy! ...

Wednesday 16 October

Love yogurt to go? Two perfectly portable all-natural options we love

siggi's yogurt tubes on Cool Mom PicksWe're big fans of yogurt here at Cool Mom Picks and with good reason. It's an easy go-to that kids love because it's delicious and we moms love because it's (mostly) healthy. Unfortunately, some of the most packable yogurts are also the most sugary. ...

Wednesday 16 October

Personalized Halloween plates that kids will love using all year long

Personalized Halloween Plates | Cool Mom PicksI admit that I can get a little "boo humbug" (heh, get it?) when it comes to holiday-themed goodies for kids. Because with four little ones running around, hey, I need to get one for everyone...which is perfectly fine with me if it's something they can use well beyond Halloween season, like these adorable personalized plates and bowls. ...

Tuesday 15 October

Crack open a coffin of gourmet Halloween chocolates. This one's just for the grown-ups.

LA Burdick Halloween chocolate | Cool Mom PicksMost of the Halloween candy I eat is pilfered from my kids' bags when they aren't looking. But if you'd like to give--or get--some chocolate treats that are much more grown up than snack-sized bars, check out what we've unearthed for Halloween from chocolatiers L.A. Burdick. ...

Saturday 12 October

Can stock pots be sexy? We say yes. Ohhhh, yes.

Japanese Enamel Stock Pot | Cool Mom PicksI'm pretty sure it's a sign of adulthood when you start drooling over kitchen gadgets. So, hi, I guess I'm a grownup now. Because this pot is kind of turning me on. ...

Saturday 12 October

How do you like them apples? 6 easy apple snack and apple dessert recipes

Maple Crunch Apple Puff Pancake on Cool Mom PicksApple season is in full swing, which means we've got to find things to make with all them apples! As much as I love them, I'm finding myself seriously challenged by the the huge quantity of fruit I end up with during apple season. ...

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