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Friday 15 November

A foodie's paradise, now at BRIKA

Brika Gourmet Food Gifts | Cool Mom PicksThey had me at White Chocolate Lover Pretzels. It's the new gourmet offerings from indie maker website Brika, and zomg, this is gourmet gift central. Only small and manageable. Which is nice. ...

Wednesday 09 October

Six of the very coolest Halloween party snacks, no hard work required

Halloween Puppy Chow with Nutella on Cool Mom PicksThe ever-growing lead time on holiday marketing can be overwhelming. I'm really not ready to think about Hanukkah or Christmas. But Halloween? That's a different story. Bring it on! ...

Wednesday 02 October

8 quick, healthy breakfast recipes for even the busiest weekday mornings

Yogurt Parfaits with Berries and Cocoa Nibs on Cool Mom PicksEasy weeknight dinners, check. Simple school lunch ideas, check. Quick healthy breakfasts? Finally...check! ...

Sunday 29 September

Coffee rings that prevent coffee rings

Coffee coasters | Cool Mom PicksNeed a clever coaster for that grande pumpkin spice latte? We've got you covered. ...

Wednesday 25 September

9 playdate recipes and snack ideas that will make your house the most popular spot on the block

9 awesome playdate recipes | cool mom picksSometimes figuring out what to serve on my kids' playdates is way more stressful than planning a party for 10 hungry adults. ...

Tuesday 24 September

3 cool Halloween treat ideas for classrooms or Halloween parties.

halloween treat ideas: s'mores bag | cool mom picksI know I know, kids get so much candy on Halloween that sometimes it's fun to find treats and goodie bag ideas that don't involve candy at all. Instead of handing out plain ol' bags of candy, here are a few treat ideas for your classroom Halloween party that I really love. ...

Wednesday 18 September

Keepers: a book of tried-and-true weeknight recipes kids will love, every time

Keepers cookbook on Cool Mom PicksFor most of us, the school year is all about "keeper" recipes. Dinners you can rely on. Easy sides that the whole family will eat. Recipes that make life easier and more delicious. ...

Wednesday 11 September

6 fast veggie side dishes your kids might actually eat

Honey Ginger Roasted Carrots on Cool Mom PicksI consider myself a master meal planner, but there's one thing that gets even me: veggie side dishes. That's right, even I--the self-proclaimed Queen of Meals--am often stumped for creative vegetable dishes to serve with my pretzel chicken or one-pan pasta. Thanks to these veggie side recipes that can easily be whipped up at the last minute, I can ditch dinnertime cucumber wheels and carrot sticks for good. ...

Wednesday 04 September

6 simple, delicious dinners for hectic back to school schedules

Asian Salmon Bowl with Lime Drizzle on Cool Mom PicksNow that we've covered awesome school lunch resources and simple lunch ideas--it's time to tackle dinner recipes for the kids. Here are six fast dinner recipes sure to fit into your back-to-school routine, no matter how hectic. ...

Friday 30 August

Web Coolness: Must-see creative lunches, kindie concerts to catch with the kids, and helping kids in need without giving a penny

Samantha Lee photos on Cool Mom PicksHere are some things we've liked reading around the web this week. We hope you do too. ...

Wednesday 28 August

6 helpful school lunch resources and inspiration for parents

img style="float: left;" title="School Lunch Pictures on Cool Mom Picks" src="http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j29/coolmompicks/cool%20mom%20food/OneHungryMamaDailySchoolLunch.jpg" alt="School Lunch Pictures on Cool Mom Picks" width="250" height="188" />Soon we'll be back in the swing of things and the back-to-school chatter will die down, but there's one thing you can't do at the beginning of the school season and have it over with: School lunch. ...

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