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Friday 01 November

Smiling (not scary!) printable skull masks to celebrate the Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead masks | Cool Mom Picks ...

Thursday 31 October

5 last-minute DIY trick-or-treat bags you can whip up at home, stat!

Mummy Trick or Treat Bag | Cool Mom PicksEvery year, without fail, I discover that we are missing at least one of my three kids' trick-or-treat bags. I'm not sure where they go, but I think there is some sort of black magic involved. ...

Tuesday 29 October

Darby Smart: Making DIY projects a whole lot easier to D

If you're like us, then you see all the amazing DIY craft projects on Pinterest and craft blogs and wish you had the time--and supplies--to make more of them. That's why we're so excited about Darby Smart and the special offer they're giving our readers this month. ...

Sunday 27 October

Need a last-minute Halloween costume idea? Rent the Runway to the rescue.

Rent the Runway Halloween | Cool Mom PicksNeed a Halloween costume and don't want to get stuck with the last Sexy Teletubby costume at the store? The good news is that with a little DIY cleverness, you might find the answer in your own closet. ...

Sunday 27 October

The ultimate last-minute Halloween idea guide for parents: costumes, treats, pumpkins, printables and more.

last minute halloween ideas | cool mom picksWe have featured so many helpful posts lately on Halloween treats, tricks, costumes and beyond, we wanted to put them all in one place. After all, we can't be the only ones who still have plenty to do--or uh, haven't gotten started? ...

Saturday 26 October

Cool pumpkin decorating idea: Use candy!

Decorating Halloween Pumpkins with Candy from Food Network | Cool Mom PicksWe are T minus less than a week to Halloween, which means the pumpkin carving and decorating can begin! (I tend not to carve too early or we end up with saggy pumpkin eyes and mouths by the 31st.) So I love this idea which looks great and can save you a little time. ...

Friday 25 October

Turning kids' artwork into stuffed animals. As cuddly or scary as you (or they) want.

Budsies | Cool Mom Picks | Elf warriorI'm always looking for cool ways to preserve my kids' artwork. Sure, we've got plenty of it taped up in the kitchen, plus boxes of the really great stuff stored in the hall closet. But now my kids are going to be able to sleep with their favorite drawings at night as they transform into stuffed animals. I'm not sure who's more excited, me or them. ...

Wednesday 16 October

Haunt your house with 10 of the coolest, easy Halloween printables. No glue guns required.

Halloween Candle Wraps Mr Printables | Cool Mom Picks[More]

Tuesday 15 October

Lundby Dollhouses: the perfect combination of imagination, technology and DIY

lundby smaland doll house with extension | cool mom picksGot a dollhouse on someone's holiday or birthday list? There's an option you might not be aware of. Or maybe I am the only one in the world not aware of these cool houses, since they've been around for 65 years and keep coming up with really novel ideas. ...

Sunday 13 October

What does the fox say? Make these masks for Halloween and find out.

Fox mask PDF | Cool Mom PicksEven with the magic of Etsy and overnight shipping, we love knowing that with the right PDF file, anything is possible in the costume department. Whether you're into weird Nordic videos about foxes or need a superhero costume in a pinch, here's a great shop with unique masks that you can make by hand after a quick trip to the craft store. ...

Friday 11 October

The impressive genes of super crafters

family craft challenge finalists at handmade charlotte | cool mom picksI am so inspired looking at the finalists of the Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge, mainly because I would never in a milion years come up with any of them. ...

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