2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide 2013

We are so excited to present our 2013 holiday gift guide, featuring close to 200 gift ideas (!!) for everyone on your list in every price range. From DIY gifts and gifts that give back, to toys for the kids, cool gift ideas for the men in your life, and fashionable gifts you might want yourself, we hope we’ve got most of your holiday shopping list covered. And as always, we’re thrilled to include so many of the indie artists and small brands that we love supporting, particularly over the holidays.

Also? Discount codes. Of course. Happy shopping!

All gift ideas have been editorially chosen by our staff; there is no compensation in exchange for recommendations. CMP is an Amazon and rstyle affiliate partner.


Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

We know that very first Christmas is a special one, but until he’s old enough to do more than eat the gift wrap, we adore each of these keepsake gifts for the first Christmas that he’ll appreciate eventually.

  • holiday gift: embroidery hoop
  • holiday gift: handmade reindeer doll
  • holiday gift: personalized block ornament
  • holiday gift: custom snow globe ornament
  • holiday gift: personalized stocking
  • holiday gift: letters to santa mailbox


Craft Gifts for Kids Who Are Ready to Move Beyond the Rainbow Loom. Maybe.

If there is a kid you know without a Rainbow Loom, get on it! For the other 99%, here are plenty of crafty gift ideas that our own kids are begging for. Bonus: You won’t be sweeping up rubber bands until 2015.

  • holiday gift: diy ornament kit
  • holiday gift: sew and knit valise
  • holiday gift: spirograph
  • holiday gift: artist collective poster kits
  • holiday gift: diy superhero cape
  • holiday gift: beads craft kit
  • holiday gift: art box


The Loveliest Handmade Ornaments You Didn’t Make Yourself (But Wish You Could Have)

Handmade ornaments make such lovely holiday gifts, whether as hostess gifts, personalized keepsake gifts for nieces and nephews, or an extra special gift wrap topper that makes the presentation that much more lovely.

  • holiday gift: handmade angel ornaments
  • holiday gift: paper ornaments
  • holiday gift: personalized owl ornament
  • holiday gift: origami crane ornaments
  • holiday gift: personalized polar bear ornaments
  • holiday gift: custom silhouette wood ornament
  • holiday gift: polish star ornament
  • holiday gift: reindeer ornament


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Baby Dolls for Kids That Are Not All White and Blonde and Female

We’re so happy to see more and more toy makers acknowledge that dolls aren’t just for girls, and are just as beloved by children of color. Here are just a few of our favorite baby dolls that represent the multi-colored world of children beautifully.

  • holiday gift: baby pixie rattle
  • holiday gift: asian baby doll
  • holiday gift: handmade waldorf doll
  • holiday gift: native american doll
  • holiday gift: baby boy doll
  • holiday gift: custom waldorf doll


Science Gifts for Kids Who Figured Out Science is Cool Long Before Some of Their Parents Did

One generation’s nerd is the next generation’s super cool kid who will grow up to change the world. Yay for science gifts that are so fun, your kid won’t even think of them as educational.

  • holiday gift: explorer case
  • holiday gift: science books
  • holiday gift: polymer explosion kit
  • holiday gift: terrarium kit
  • holiday gift: OMG Science Tee
  • holiday gift: kids binoculars
  • holiday gift: science museum membership
  • holiday gift: family adventure


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Gifts for the Unicorn-Obsessed Girl. Of Any Age.

As the saying goes, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.”

  • holiday gift: unicorn pillow
  • holiday gift: unicorn hair clip
  • holiday gift: unicorn necklace
  • holiday gift: magic unicorn stationary
  • holiday gift: unicorn crayons
  • holiday gift: unicorn cookie cutter
  • holiday gift: raising unicorns book


Splurge Gifts for Little Kids From the Doting Grandparents Who Promise Not to Spoil Them But Do Anyway

This is the holiday gift guide to forward to those doting grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents and say “there’s nothing my kids really need, but of course if you insist…”

  • holiday gift: pedal car
  • holiday gift: play tent
  • holiday gift: handmade tutu dress
  • holiday gift: foosball table
  • holiday gift: castle set
  • holiday gift: burberry high tops
  • holiday gift: handmade star wars bookshelf
  • holiday gift: custom superhero table
  • holiday gift: cotton candy manor playhouse
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Gifts for Your Best Friend Who Could Really Use a Little Extra Love This Year. Or a Lot.

The holidays are a great time to remind your closest friends how much you care. Especially the ones who might get a little lost in the shuffle of kids and relatives and other holiday mayhem. While a heartfelt card can do, here are some other ideas that let her know she is loved.

  • holiday gift: besties temporary tattoo
  • holiday gift: pop love necklace
  • holiday gift: inspirational calendar
  • holiday gift: leather moto jacket
  • holiday gift: swarovski antique brass bracelet
  • holiday gift: you are loved mug
  • holiday gift: ivory row cashmere sweater
  • holiday gift: relaxing girl spa trip


For the Dude Who Likes to Do Dude Things with Other Dudes, Like Dudes Do. (i.e., He Has Never Waxed Anything.)

For the man who is all about man stuff (in the most stereotypical way), we hope these gift ideas will make him want to give you a big hug for your effort. In private. Later. Not in front of anyone.

  • holiday gift: fairbault wool military blanket
  • holiday gift: mantry gift subscription
  • holiday gift: widow jane bourbon whiskey
  • holiday gift: paddle your own canoe book
  • holiday gift: bacons of the world subscription
  • holiday gift: classic swiss army knife
  • holiday gift: tumi backpack
  • holiday gift: backpacker’s cologne
  • holiday gift: baseball bat beer bottle opener
  • holiday gift: men’s notecards
  • holiday gift: nfl sunday ticket max
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Gifts for Your Teen Niece Whose Middle Name is Glitter

Yes, of course she shines all on her own with goodness and inner beauty, but a little outer sparkle never hurts.

  • holiday gift: personalized charm bracelet
  • holiday gift: glitter converse sneakers
  • holiday gift: glitter bag
  • holiday gift: glitter cosmetics
  • holiday gift: coach glitter iphone case
  • holiday gift: glitter tote
  • holiday gift: glitter perfume


Gifts for Grandmas and Grandpas Who Couldn’t Be Prouder of Their Grandkids

We hardly know a grandparent who wouldn’t be thrilled with simply a handmade card and a phone call from the grandkids. But here are some gift ideas in every price range that can be extra meaningful around holiday time.

  • holiday gift: heart snapshot photo art
  • holiday gift: personalized family portrait dolls
  • holiday gift: velvet photo album
  • gold-vermeil-initial-charm
  • holiday gift: color your own board book
  • holiday gift: custom work of art vase
  • holiday gift: my quotable grandkid book
  • holiday gift: mini accordion brag book


Gifts for Your Sister, The Fashion Risk Taker

Even if you’re well past your animal-print-wearing, pink hair, crazy jewelry days–or never had any of your own–if you know a trend-setting fashionista in your life, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas she can sport when she’s out doing extra-fabulous things. And Instagramming them. Just to rub it in.

  • holiday gift: spike earrings
  • holiday gift: world according to karl book
  • holiday gift: joie python print top
  • holiday gift: lip gloss pencils
  • holiday gift: fur ipad cover
  • holiday gift: hell yeah necklace
  • holiday gift: eddie borgo jewelry box
  • holiday gift: leather knit moto gloves
  • holiday gift: hair chalk
  • holiday gift: damien hirst gold spot bag


For the Modern Domestic Goddess Who Loves Her Winter Whites

Who says white isn’t for after Labor Day? Around the home, it’s always in style. Especially when it’s edible. Madagascar vanilla macaroons, anyone?

  • holiday gift: jonathan adler vase
  • holiday gift: madagascar vanilla macarons
  • holiday gift: stelton press coffee maker
  • holiday gift: canadian birch straws
  • holiday gift: mini candle
  • holiday gift: japanese enamel stockpot
  • holiday gift: white handmade nesting bowls


For Your Brother-in-law Who’s Obsessed with Game of Thrones and Shut Up About the Red Wedding Episode Already

Christmas is coming…

  • holiday gift: game of thrones pint glass
  • holiday gift: game of thrones chucks
  • holiday gift: game of thrones minifigs
  • holiday gift: game of thrones periodic table poster
  • holiday gift: north wall winter is coming t-shirt
  • holiday gift: inside game of thrones collectors edition
  • holiday gift: direwolf plush pup toy


Gifts for That Friend With Strong Feelings About the Oxford Comma

We love our fellow word nerds. You know, the ones who have hung onto their hard-covers, can’t turn down a game of Scrabble, and get squidgy when you accidentally insert an apostrophe into a plural. Right, mom’s?

  • holiday gift: elements of style
  • holiday gift: a to z bookends
  • holiday gift: folded book ornament
  • oyster books app gift subscription
  • holiday gift: grammar geek mug
  • holiday gift: patent leather dictionary
  • holiday gift: mini literary journals
  • holiday gift: slaughterhouse five necklace


The Coolest Gifts That Give Back

Each year this is our favorite gift category and this year, we uncovered more amazing options for gifts that give back than ever. It was hard to pare it down! While charity gift cards and straight-up donations make phenomenal gifts, we’re also big fans of these gift ideas, some of which donate a full 100% to people in need.

  • holiday gift: bath salts
  • holiday gift: belvedere vodka
  • holiday gift: reclaimed wood headphones
  • holiday gift: pink coil bracelet
  • holiday gift: silver faith cufflinks
  • holiday gift: christmas nail polish
  • holiday gift: karlie kloss kookie tin
  • holiday gift: teddy kids hat
  • holiday gift: share cookbook
  • holiday gift: gucci tote for charity
  • holiday gift: swaddle blanket for charity
  • holiday gift: sunglasses for charity
  • holiday gift: fair trade soccer ball
  • holiday gift: typhoon recovery donation


DIY Holiday Gifts to Make Yourself

We’ve perused the web for some of the coolest DIY gift ideas, whether you’ve got an MFA in Hot Glue Gun, or you’re just capable of uploading your pictures to a photo book template. Either way, your recipient will know it comes from the heart.

  • holiday gift: diy camera strap
  • holiday gift: family recipe book
  • holiday gift: custom beer photo labels
  • holiday gift: diy cross stitch ornaments
  • holiday gift: diy tea set
  • holiday gift: photo book
  • holiday gift: handmade sachets
  • holiday gift: diy snowflake journal
  • holiday gift: year in stitches calendar set


Cool Holiday Food Gifts to Make When You’ve Had Enough of Cookies

While we’re not one to turn down Christmas cookies, there are so many fabulous food gifts that we’d love to receive, from gourmet salts to homemade nutella, to something a little more boozy. The best part: They’re all easy to make. Promise.

  • holiday gift: homemade spiced nuts
  • holiday gift: homemade nutella
  • holiday gift: homemade spiced olives
  • holiday gift: ginger hot chocolate
  • holiday gift: flavored salts
  • holiday gift: homemade toffee
  • holiday gift: infused simple syrups
  • holiday gift: homemade classic caramels
  • holiday gift: cherry infused bourbon


Cool Kids Gifts Under $10

If you have lots of kids to shop for, we love each of these gifts that are easy on the budget, but don’t feel like stocking stuffers. Not that there’s anything wrong with stocking stuffers, ever.

  • holiday gift: personalized cup and ball game
  • holiday gift: hedgehog paint your own canvas
  • holiday gift: rawlings babe ruth league baseballs
  • holiday gift: diy finger puppet kit
  • holiday gift: pixel heroes sticker book
  • holiday gift: paul frank socks
  • holiday gift: diy lego necklace
  • holiday gift: chocolate star wars millennium falcon
  • holiday gift: dinosaur sketchbook
  • holiday gift: glitter coin purse
  • holiday gift: 3d doodler set
  • holiday gift: monopoly board game
  • holiday gift: fingerprint art set
  • holiday gift: hunger games lip balm tints
  • holiday gift: snoopy t-shirt
  • holiday gift: flip and draw robots


Cool Adult Gifts Under $16

As much as we love shopping for people we love, we’re the first to acknowledge that it really is the thought that counts. We adore each of these gifts that can cover off nearly everyone on your list affordably, from caregivers and teachers, to those closest to you. (Though uh, maybe not the cocktail book for your kids’ teachers.)

  • holiday gift: canine coaster set
  • holiday gift: shaving kit
  • holiday gift: personalized journal
  • holiday gift: carnivore keychain
  • holiday gift: mobile home ornament
  • holiday gift: downton abbey tea blend
  • holiday gift: women’s metallic silver belt
  • holiday gift: nautical temporary tattoo set
  • holiday gift: papabubble snowflake hard candies
  • holiday gift: flannel plaid scarf
  • holiday gift: tinley road pave studs
  • holiday gift: tequila mockingbird cocktail book
  • holiday gift: one shot espresso maker
  • holiday gift: tim burton playing cards
  • holiday gift: handmade beeswax candles
  • holiday gift: gourmet caramel marshmallows
  • holiday gift: gentle reminder pencils
  • holiday gift: mini cashmere hand warmers


Gifts to Give When the Kids are in Bed

Not every holiday gift has to be sweet and sentimental. Some can help you make new memories. The kind that would put you on Santa’s naughty list. In a good way.

  • holiday gift: touch massage candle
  • holiday gift: naughty and nice thong set
  • holiday gift: sexy panty hose
  • holiday gift: boudoir photo shoot
  • holiday gift: personal massager

For more holiday gift ideas, check out our 2012 holiday gift guide and our archives.