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Sunday 17 November

Pretty paper ornaments for your Christmas tree

paper ornaments by frazier and wing | cool mom picksOkay, I have a serious weakness for paper anything. But when it comes to gorgeous paper ornaments for the holidays? I positively swoon. So I was delighted to see the latest offerings from longtime CMP fave Frazier and Wing. ...

Monday 28 October

Awesome food storage labels that won't come off in the dishwasher

Emily Press Write Your Own Labels | Cool Mom PicksI have become a label whore. Nope, not designer jeans. I'm talking about the sticky variety. I'm using a different sticky name label for virtually every sippy cup, water bottle, food container and lunchbox for my two kids, and the bane of my existence has become scraping the yucky remnants off said items after putting them in the dishwasher. ...

Wednesday 09 October

DIY handmade cards, just a stamp and ink pad away

Handmade rubber stamps | Cool Mom PicksI really love the idea of making my own greeting cards, but the time and skill involved have always seemed way beyond what I am capable of, especially for card designs that suit my taste and style. Not anymore, thanks to these cool, so-not-your-grandmother's handmade stamps. ...

Sunday 06 October

Birthday parties every weekend? You'll want to have these cards up your sleeve.

paint palette birthday cake on cool mom picksThe amazing greeting cards from Dear Hancock Paper Goods are fantastic to keep on hand. Each one is lovelier than the next. I swear, these charming cards are practically a gift in and of themselves. ...

Thursday 26 September

New photo gifts for kids: The ultimate vanity project. Not that that's a bad thing.

Pinhole Press Scribble Pad | Cool Mom PicksMy kids love nothing more than looking at photos of themselves. In fact, if I'm hard pressed to find something to amuse them in the waiting room at the doctor's office or on the train, my go-to source is the camera roll on my iPad. Now if only there was a way to get them to do something meaningful with their vanity. ...

Monday 09 September

It's a girl! Or a boy! Oh, just read the banner.

it's a girl DIY banner kit by Thimblepress | cool mom picksThis week on Brika, I was so happy to discover the beautiful work of stationer Kristen Ley of Thimblepress. ...

Monday 02 September

The coolest printable lunchbox notes: The sweetest thing in their lunch box won't be cookies

West and Main lunch box notes | Cool Mom PicksI still remember opening up my lunch each school day and looking for something sweet from my mom. While nothing could beat a handful of chocolate kisses or a few homemade cookies, a "sweet" note tucked in between the sandwich and apple often did the trick. ...

Monday 19 August

The only thing better than a cupcake? A cupcake tucked into this gift box.

retro oven cupcake boxes on etsy | cool mom picksIt's still a little toasty outside for me to consider baking, but I'm busy lining up recipes for when the temperature takes a dive. And because I usually bake more than my family can eat, I'm also collecting creative ideas for sharing my wares with friends and neighbors. ...

Friday 16 August

The very most perfect Moleskine for the new school year. Especially if you have a sense of humor.

handpainted moleskine from emdash paper co } cool mom picksJust in time for back to school shopping, I am so smitten with these hand-painted, colorful moleskine journals from an Etsy artist who shares my sense of humor and writing geekery. ...

Thursday 15 August

A free printable to get your kids excited about back to school. (Also: cheaper than a new outfit.)

Back to school printable on Cool Mom Picks With my kids starting a new school in a new city this year, I'm doing everything I can to take the edge off what could be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. That's why I'm loving these adorable printables that are sure to make the first day of school an extra special one. ...

Friday 19 July

One baby shower game we love. And it's printable. And free.

Baby Mad Libs on Cool Mom PicksI am not shy about my dislike for baby shower games. When people ask, "So then what do you do at a baby shower party?" I wonder, well, what do you do at any party? ...

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