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2007 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Cool Mom Picks is delighted to present our first ever (and therefore best ever) Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Maybe you're a cool dad looking for clever gift ideas that can keep you out of the dreaded mall. Maybe you're a mom hoping to drop a few hints ("uh, honey? The carnations last year were nice but...") Maybe you want something for your best friend, your own mom, or a special mother-to-be in your life.

Whatever brings you here, read on for some creative mother's day ideas for all kinds of mamas with all kinds of style and all kinds of budgets.

Remember, when you shop the websites below, you're not only getting a fantastic product (if we do say so ourselves), you're most often supporting an independent business, many run by hardworking moms. Plus, check the boxes below each post for some exclusive discount codes for CMP readers.

And don't forget to visit our sponsors--we can personally vouch for each and every one of them. Happy clicking!

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When no one's looking, you can find her gazing lovingly at pictures of her children, although she'll probably deny it. This is the holiday she looks forward to all year--coming through in the gift arena is beyond essential.

MAKE HER DAY: The personalized foot and handprint charms from Little Jules (starting at $39)

MAKE HER WEEK: Hello Beautiful Films will edit 50 of your favorite family photos professionally and set them to music for just $95 (a steal considering the mindblowing "Hello Beautiful" Package starts at $500)

MAKE HER YEAR: Custom artwork incorporating the kiddos from Kiki & Polly (starts at $115), trunk't gallery(starts at $199), Me Art ( starts at $249). Instant heirloom.

BOOK IT: Our Mothers: Portraits by 72 Women Photographers, ed. Viviane Esders


She's the modern mom who's learned to live with garish plastic kids stuff amidst the Eames. But still, she's never lost her sense of style. Even spit-up somehow looks good on this mama.

MAKE HER DAY: Chiasso's modern Trapeze 6-frame ($58) display your favorite half-dozen black and whites of the kids

MAKE HER WEEK: Lockets? No way. Instead check out the custom birthstone necklaces from Urban Dencity ($168) for a chic way for her to honor the young'uns.

MAKE HER YEAR: An arrangement of her favorite flowers in a fabu vase like this classic Belly design from Jonathan Adler ($110). Set atop a brand new end table from Design Within Reach and vow that a crayon or sticker is not allowed within 14 feet of it.

BOOK IT: You're Not the Boss of Me: Adventures of a Modern Mom, by Ericka Schickel


She has to be torn away from her craft projects while baking the bejeezus out of a pineapple upside down cake and simultaneously hand-pressing the pillowcases. She might not actually find a Dustbuster to be an insulting gift—but why risk it?

MAKE HER DAY: The modern Deadly Squire oven mitts at Curiosity Shoppe ($25) along with a copy of The Best Bake Sale Ever Cookbook. ($19.95)

MAKE HER WEEK: The custom porcelain silhouette plates ($65) from Rust Designs. Wrap them up along with home-baked cookies from the kids--or a whole cheesecake.

MAKE HER YEAR: Breakfast in bed…where she doesn’t have to make the bed herself afterwards. Check out bed & breakfast online for a list of nearby b&b’s and tuck the card into a gorgeous cashmere robe like this one. (on sale for $189)

BOOK IT: Haiku Mama: Because 17 Syllables is All You Have Time to Read, by Kari Anne Roy

Cookbook for Moms with forward by Nigella Lawson - all proceeds benefit the Boys&Girls Clubs of America

  • Rust Designs: Free shipping by rebate when you mention Cool Mom Picks

She can bring home the bacon, and maybe or maybe not fry it up in a pan depending how tired she’s been and how readily available home-delivery is in her area.

MAKE HER DAY: A funky embroidered suede brag book from Elsewares filled with family pictures that she can tuck right into her briefcase. ($68) Throw in the humorous "Gee, I've Got it All" notepad from Mommy Track'd. ($5)

MAKE HER WEEK: The leather laptop bag to put all other laptop bags to shame, from Style Scene. ($280) It might make leaving home in the morning a teeny bit easier.

MAKE HER YEAR: Forget a bouquet of flowers; try a whole year of them delivered right to her workplace once a month from Calyx and Corolla. (A year of orchids starts at $499) Don't forget to have the kids write the card themselves.

BOOK IT: On Becoming Fearless...In Love, Work and Life, by Arianna Huffington

  • Elsewares: 15% off any order plus free shipping on $100+ with code "coolmom15"


Glitzy baubles don’t suit her and but you can't exactly get her a bag of organic produce and call it a day either; earth-conscious mamas want to feel pampered and pretty too.

MAKE HER DAY: The wooden pendant ($45) or hoop earrings ($35) from Tam Aura Designs - easy on sparkle, but heavy on fashion.

MAKE HER WEEK: A sampler set of six chic, organically crafted perfumes from Rich-Hippie, best name ever. ($100)

MAKE HER YEAR: An organic cotton spa robe. ($110) In one pocket slip a tub of VedaMama organic Butter Body Cream ($50), in the other, a card explaining a donation has been made in her name to The Nature Conservancy.

BOOK IT: Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook, by Myra Goodman, Linda Holland, Pamela McKinstry

  • VedaMama: 10% off all products with code "cool4mom"

You will not find her within a mile of sentimental silver jewelry or a scrapbook…but under her shirt she’s got her kids’ names tattooed on her back.

MAKE HER DAY: The Mom Tattoo Ring from Femme Metale. ($72)

MAKE HER WEEK: The chic goth Boujie Baby diaper bag available at My Posh Baby. In black, of course. ($200) Have the baby hand it to her wearing the "mom" anchor tattoo onesie from Psychobaby. ($26)

MAKE HER YEAR: Two tickets to her favorite band when they come to town. And don't be skimping either - no nosebleed seats! Check Ticketmaster for schedules. And don't forget something rockin' she can wear for her night out on the town, like one of Fourteen-Fifty's amazing belts from Elsewares. ($165)

BOOK IT: The Essential Hip Mama: Writing from the Cutting Edge of Parenting, ed. Ariel Gore

  • Elsewares: 15% off any order plus free shipping on $100+ with code "coolmom15"
  • Psychobaby: 10% off your order with code "coolmom"


Under no circumstances can you forget the matriarch who started it all – your own grandmothers, mothers, and mothers-in-law. Make the gift all about the grandkids and you’re bound to bring the tears. In a good way. (We hope.)

MAKE HER DAY: Silhouettes of the kids on a canvas tote ($40) or twill throw pillow ($30).

MAKE HER WEEK: Exact drawings or paintings from your kids turned into a sterling brooch or pendant from Totally Out of Hand. (starting at $95)

MAKE HER YEAR: A professional photo sitting - just grandma and the grandbabies she dotes on. NOT from Sears, by the way; check the Professional Photographers of America website from someone talented near you.

BOOK IT: Between You and Me Grandma, an interactive keepsake journal from Sand Dune Publishing


If she's about to be a mama for the first time (or the second, third or seventeenth time) she needs a whole lotta love today. Start with breakfast in bed--may we suggest chocolate chip pancakes?--then move onto a foot massage, followed by some serious swag.

MAKE HER DAY: The pampering pregnancy spa gift sets from Mama Mio are arranged by trimester. ($35-65) If she's in her third...get all three. Trust us. Or check out the scrumptious Belly Butter from Naked Paint ($29)--just so long as you promise to massage it in for her every night.

MAKE HER WEEK: A chic new diaper bag from JP Lizzy (totes $56-122) and if you really want to toy with the hormones, fill it with sentimental board books like Are You My Mother and I Love My Mommy.

MAKE HER YEAR: A one year subscription to Sitter City - that you'll actually use. Slip it between the covers of your local Zagat or other restaurant guide, and bookmark twelve awesome restaurants that you swear to take her to, sans enfants, over the next year.

BOOK IT: Spa Mama: Pampering for the Mother-to-Be, by Stacey Denney

  • Mama Mio: 15% off with code "coolmom" through Mothers Day
  • Naked Paint: Enter MOMSPROMO for 20% off orders
  • Sitter City: Enter COOLMOM for 10% off your membership

Humongo thanks to Amanda M for the beautiful Mothers Day Gift Guide buttons and design know-how. Feel free to send her some love. Or some freelance work.

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