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The Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide 2008

Greetings to our favorite mamas and those who love our favorite mamas (who we, in turn, love) - welcome to our second annual Mother's Day Gift Guide.

This is our 2008 Mother's Day Gift Guide. Looking for our new 2010 Mother's Day Gift Guide? Check it out for all new gift ideas for moms and awesome discount codes for 2010.

Thanks to our sponsors who donated a totally outrageous gift package won by lucky reader Rebecca A who helped us spread the word with a button on her blog! The prize included:

*A $200 gift certificate towards the beautiful custom photo and name jewelry from CMP fave tj & co which makes the kinds of keepsakes we're actually psyched to keep. (Use code CMP15 for 15% off through 4/30)

*A $200 gift certificate to spend towards the 100% natural, organic mama and baby care products from Earth Mama Angel Baby to soothe you, heal you, and otherwise make you feel like a na-tu-ral woman.

For the Eco Mama Who
Kinda Hates the Expression
"Eco Mama"

*Make Her Day: A charity bouquet of gerbera daisies from Organic Style that isn't only organic, a percentage of sales support the National Wildlife Association. (39.95)

*Make Her Week: A swanky clutch from Crystalyn Kae in vegan leather and repurposed vintage fabrics that she can carry with pride to her next Nature Conservancy fundraising party ($68)

*Make Her Year: A pair of "recycled" diamond earrings from eco-responsible greenKarat, who works with existing gold and stones instead of mining new ones. And they're every bit as shiny. ($650)

*Book It: Wasim Mohamed's lovely tree-free sunflower journal made from recycled cotton rags and a hand-embroidered cover

*10% off any one item at Crystalyn Kae with code cool mom through 5/10/2008

*Free gift with purchase at Zanisa with code COOLMOM through 4/30/2008

For the Mama-To-Be Who Rocks it Like a Celebrity

*Make Her Day: The Mama Mio Mini Kit is filled with sample sizes of the lotions and potions favored by A-list mamas like Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera. ($35 at Due Maternity)

*Make Her Week: We love the soy-based aromatherapy maternity candle sets created by bona fide rock 'n roll mama Skye Hoppus - her line's H'wood fans include Gwyneth Paltrow and Mariska Hargitay. ($48-79 at Childish)

*Make Her Year: The delicate white or yellow gold "baby" necklace from Childish totally rocks. And yes, that diamond is real. ($595, also avail in "boy" or "girl")

*Book It: A copy of What They Know About Parenting: Celebrity Moms And Dads Give Us Their Take on Having Kids with contributors from Madonna to Donald Trump to Adam Sandler

*Get 15% off anything at Childish (excluding jewelry, sorry) with code COOLMOM

For the Mama Whose Other Child Is Her Computer

*Make Her Day: The designer Platinum Cherry Blossom Mouse from Pat Says Now. Tech-a-licious! ($45)

*Make Her Week: Loving the sleek sleek felt laptop sleeve in super chic orange Jula Tullman and Kaja Hettler that unfolds to a workstation with a mousepad. ($95 at Zanisa)

*Make Her Year: Spring for the MacBook Air. What the hell, it's just money. ($1799 bare bones)

*Book It: Unplug for two secs with the wit and wisdom of Beth Feldman and Yvette Manessis Corporon's pocket-sized Peeing In Peace: Tales and Tips for Type A Moms

*Free gift with purchase at Zanisa with code COOLMOM through 4/30/2008

For the Traditional, Romantic, Love-This- Mother's-Day-Stuff Mama

*Make Her Day: The most gushy, mushy, tear-inducing mom book you can find along with Planet Jill's custom photo bookmark ($38)

*Make Her Week: A one-of-a-kind refurbished 19th or early 20th century locket from Vintage Rehab. That way the necklace will be as unique as the sweet pics inside. ($128+)

*Make Her Year: Get her a sitting with the kids through a killer local photographer and tuck the beautiful results into a to-die-for classic silver picture frame from The Fine Art of Family. ($175)

*Book It: Pamela Winterbourne's touching, poetic A Book For My Mother

*Free express shipping at The Fine Art of Family with code CMPMD through 5/15/2008

*All heart-shaped lockets now 15% off at Vintage Rehab through 5/11/2008

For the Mama Who Still Manages to Look Fashion Forward, Damn Her

*Make Her Day: A big, delicious tube of fashionista fave Bliss Foot Patrol along with a coupon for an extended foot massage (from you) to soothe those Manolo-taxed tootsies. ($26)

*Make Her Week: A pair of resin bracelets from artist Jessica Kagan Cushman, some hand engraved with perfect mom retorts like Do you have any idea who I am? and Because I said so, that's why.($130 each)

*Make Her Year: Hook her up with the whipstitch leather metallic diaper bag from Nest in swanky bronze or silver. Let's just say if it's good enough for Heidi Klum... ($322 at The Silly Wagon)

*Book It: Laird Borrelli's Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers containing amazing original sketches from top trendsetters

*15% any purchase at The Silly Wagon with code coolme

For the Mama Who Says
"Eh, Just Get Me
Flowers or Something"

*Make Her Day: A set of limited edition Joy by Mel Lim Chrysanthemum letterpress cards ($19) with a sweet orange Anemone pen to brighten up the pencil holder. ($9.95, MOMA store)

*Make Her Week: Alicia Bock's original floral photographs come matted and signed, and stay in bloom all year long. ($54)

Or surprise her with the silver-plated floral etched earrings from CMP fave Amy Bengtson. ($80+)

*Make Her Year: Flowers? She wants flowers? You'll show her flowers with a whole year's worth from Calyx Flowers. Save a bit by having them sent every other month. (6 months of Lilies, $275)

*Book It: Deck the coffee table with Georgia O'Keeffe: Museum Collections, from the legendary artist's namesake museum

*10% off plus a complimentary JOY notepad at Joy by Mel Lim with code MDCOOLMOM through 5/15/2008

*10% off at Alicia Bock with code Coolmom through 5/1/2008

*15% off your order at Amy Bengtson with code COOL08 through 5/10/2008 - order before 5/3 for delivery by Mother's Day

For the Grandmama
Who Totally Lives For
the Grandbabies

*Make Her Day: Turn the kiddo's best drawing into a set of professionally printed note cards ($23.50/set of 25 from Couture Invito)

*Make Her Week: The lovely silhouette pendants can be customized with a photo of the favorite grandchild - your kid, of course ($48 at Craftsbury Kids)

Or hook her up with a handcrafted French glass silhouette paperweight. ($48/50 from Simply Silhouettes)

*Make Her Year: The Pepper Kids turns kids' artwork into museum-quality custom canvases that she can admire (and show off) forever and ever. ($85 to $400)

*Book It: Andy and Susan Hilford's memory book, The Grandmother Book: A Book About You For Your Grandchildren

*10% off at Couture Invito with code coolmom508 through 7/15/2008 PLUS special Earth Day offer, save 20% off all purchases through 4/25 with code EARTHDAY

For the Mother-in-Law
Who You Have No
Freaking Idea What to Get

*Make Her Day: The all-natural cucumber-aloe lotion from McBride Beauty, originally invented by a mom, from her own mom's recipe ($24 at Farmhouse Wares)

*Make Her Week: Don't just get her chocolates, get her chocolates she can flaunt to "the girls" like the artisanal works of art from MarieBelle, packaged in gorgeous handmade boxes ($48 for 25 piece gift box)

*Make Her Year: If you don't know her that well, maybe what you really need is StoryCatcher, book and recorder set so that together, you can help preserve that half of your children's legacy. ($125 from Catch My Memory)

*Book It: A little butt kissing can't hurt your relationship; try Hot Granny: Fabulous at 50, 60 and Beyond by Mel Walsh

*10% off any purchase of $50 or more at Farmhouse Wares with code coolmom through 4/14/2008

*Free shipping and Mother's Day gift wrapping at Catch My Memory with code coolmompicks

For Mama Who
Brings Home the Bacon and Needs Major TLC

*Make Her Day: Start with breakfast in bed on a modern bent plywood bed tray ($29 at CB2). Include a subscription to the literary Brain, Child magazine, then give her the entire morning in peace to just read, laugh and think. ($19.95)

*Make Her Week: The anti-aging gift box from Eminence Organics includes some seriously awesome all-natural stuff. ($72 at Fabula Life).

*Make Her Year: If money's no object, send her to a spa like haven Canyon Ranch for a good long weekend--and insist she leave the Crackberry behind. (Price = $$$$)

*Book It: Find relaxation tips and a celebration of mom in Darrin Zeer's Every Day Is Mother's Day

*12% off any purchase of $100 or more, plus free shipping at Fabula Life with code 5740fb

For The Domestic Mama
With an Indie Streak

*Make Her Day: The brilliant, bubbly Tea for One set from the porcelain mavens at NYC's Daisy Dog Studio ($35)

*Make Her Week: A wildflower garden seed gift box ($16 at Zanisa), along with Hable Construction's beautiful garden gloves ($25) and matching garden belt ($65), modern speak for "apron."

*Make Her Year: Custom-tailored private cooking classes...right in her own home. Look for a local service like Home Cooking NY. ($750/3 classes) Present the envelope atop the absolutely amazing porcelain Whirl Serving Dish from Kim Westad ($200).

*Book It: Ultimate indie domestic diva Amy Sedaris' tome, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

*Free gift with purchase at Zanisa with code COOLMOM through 4/30/2008

*20% off regularly priced items at Hable Construction with code Spring through 5/11/2008

*10% off all purchases over $25 at Kim Westad - mention Cool Mom Picks in the "message to seller" box at checkout and wait for revised invoice

For the Mama
With More Tattoos Than
Strands of Pearls

*Make Her Day: The canvas, messenger-style military star diaper tote from Rock Star Moms. ($36.99)

*Make Her Week: The classic double-swallow sailor tattoo becomes a cool enameled necklace from Flora and Fawn in robin's egg blue. ($85 at B.Dina Jewelry)

*Make Her Year: An actual custom-designed tattoo (incorporating the kids?) from much in-demand L.A. tattoo artist, Erika Stanley of Art & Soul Tattoo. You can't get an appointment until July - but wow is it worth the wait. (Prices start at $450, plus a $50 consultation fee)

*Book It: A copy of brilliant author (and former CMP writer) Rebecca Woolf's memoir Rockabye: From Wild to Child ($10.85 at Amazon)

*25% off your order of $200 or more at Rock Star Moms with code HOTDEALS

*Free shipping on all orders at B.Dina Jewelry with code mdgg_coolmoms

For the Mama Who's Made it Through the Adoption Red Tape at Looooong Last

*Make Her Day: The My Family, My Journey memory book ($17 at Boy Girl Party)

*Make Her Week: Your first coming home photos memorialized in a hand-bound silk photo album ($62 at Mixt Goods)

*Make Her Year: A great heirloom keepsake is the Tiffany-style Charm Bracelet from TJ and Co. ($160 ) Start with one custom photo charm of the kiddo on there, and add charms that symbolize the adoption journey, like a birthstone charm from Julian & Co ($10-239) or one representing the birth country or state. You'll end up making more than mama's year.

*Book It: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor's very funny Naptime is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down. And welcome to parenthood, sigh.

*Free cotton tote bag with purchase at MixtGoods with code COOLMOM08

*15% off at TJ and Co with code cmp15 through 4/30/2008

*$10 off your order at Julian and Co with code IMACOOLMOM

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