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The 2009 Mother's Day Gift Guide

This is our 2009 Mother's Day Gift Guide. Looking for our 2010 Mother's Day Gift Guide? Find all new Mother's Day gift ideas and discount codes for 2010 in our latest gift guide for cool moms!

Happy almost Mother's Day to our favorite mamas and those who love our favorite mamas (who we, in turn, love) - we're so excited to present our annual Mother's Day Gift Guide, now with more recession-friendly gifts for moms of all stripes.

Because we love to give gifts too, we're excited that The Fine Art of Family and Zutano have donated an amazing (amazing!) $380 prize package for one lucky Cool Mom Picks reader.

Just help us spread the word about our guide by posting our beautiful little gift guide button on the sidebar of your blog or website and email your url to with MOTHER'S DAY in the subject and you'll be entered to win the spectacular sterling Mom/Love keepsake necklace valued at $180 from The Fine Art of Family, and a $200 gift certificate towards Zutano's wildly popular layette and baby clothes and accessories in their brand new Itzy Bitzy Boutique.

In other words, a little something for you, a little something for the kiddos. Just the way it should always be.

For the very
first Mother's Day

Do not by any means think you can get away with just a card and some flowers. No matter what she tells you. This one is alllll about sentiment.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: We love Planet Jill's custom ribbon bracelet and the price can't be beat ($65, shown). If you've got the budget, trade up to the modern locket from Julian and Co which can be engraved with the baby's name too. ($129)

*WHAT RECESSION?: In an ideal world, every mom would get this 18k Mom/Love pendant along with her l&d discharge papers. Spectacular. ($1100 at The Fine Art of Family - and psst, we're giving away the silver version! See top of page for details.)

*BOOK IT: Yeah, like she'll have time to read. Instead, make it a custom brag book with your favorite first year b&ws ($18 from Edna Mae Originals)

*15% off at Planet Jill with code coolmom

*15% off at Julian & Co with code CMP-MOTHERSDAY

*Free gift with $300 purchase at The Fine Art of Family with code CMP52009, plus free ground shipping through 5/10

*Free additional page with your baby book order from Edna Mae Originals with code coolmompicks in notes to seller

For the great-grandma who deserves Mother's Day every day of the year

The only thing as special to a child as a grandma is a great-grandma - if you're lucky enough to have one in your life, make sure to remind her she's beloved by all.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Create a custom brag book for her from Shutterfly - the price is terrific and she can show it off to "the girls at the club." (5x7 book starts at $12.99). We also love the idea of restoring a favorite old photo of hers and having it framed, if you can sneak it away without her knowing. (Starts at $6.95 unframed)

*WHAT RECESSION?: These silhouette pillows can be personalized and customized in a color to match the room (or the couch under the vinyl?). Make sure there's one for each kid. ($80 each at craftsbury kids, shown)

*BOOK IT: When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple (If she doesn't already have three copies. Which she should.)

*10% off at Craftsbury Kids with code COOLMOM

For the mom who's just happy with
breakfast in bed

Get the kids to whip up her favorite carb-laden baked goodies (we love the baking mixes from Kids Central Kitchen), while you tackle the mimosas--but don't even think about stopping there.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Send her morning coffee out in this mug and coaster kit painted by the kids then fired and finished by Thomas Claire pottery. ($35 at thomas claire, shown)

*WHAT RECESSION?: if your baking skills are in question, splurge on the outrageous homemade apricot ginger scones from Kitchen Witch ($28.99 for 16) - all you do is pop them in the oven then pass them off as your own. Then prop her up with one of these beautiful modern throw pillows ($130 at Hable Construction), the remote control, and a whole day to herself.

*BOOK IT: Hook her up with a coffee table book she'd ordinarily never have time to read like 30,000 Years of Art

*20% off all items at Kids Central Kitchen with code COOLMOM

*10% off entire order at Thomas Claire with code coolmoms09

*15% off at Kitchen Witch with code mothersday

For the mom who'd rather make her own
breakfast in bed

Just because she loves cooking three (or more) meals a day doesn't mean you should take her culinary prowess for granted.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Get personal with a lovely hand-embroidered monogrammed tea towel ($18 at Chez Sucre-Chez, shown) along with a copy of Tea & Crumpets ($13.57 at Amazon)

*WHAT RECESSION?: We love Smith and Hawken's yearly subscription of seasonal gourmet projects including an herb garden, strawberry plants in beautiful planters, and her very own meyer lemon tree. ($316)

*BOOK IT: The bible: Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything: Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition ($22.05 at Amazon)

For your favorite
geeky tech mom

These days, which moms among us aren't tied to our laptops/iPhones/ Twitter streams? Geek is chic and these gifts help make the case.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: We love the handmade laptop sleeves from Janine King designs which may be the next best thing to actually getting her the new laptop. Well, almost. ($34 and up)

*WHAT RECESSION?: It may look like a heart-shaped Swarovski pendant, but it actually holds a 1GB USB memory key. Load it up with her favorite photos or sentimental mp3's ($180 at Swarovski, shown)

*BOOK IT: Grab a download for her Kindle - or heck get her the Kindle. ($359 at Amazon.)

For the mom who's (annoyingly) good with
her hands

The crafty mom will appreciate something handmade no doubt, but she'll also appreciate gifts that help her make future gifts and goodies herself.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: We love the sleek black knitting clutch from Persnickety Knits ($58, shown)

*WHAT RECESSION?: The limited edition notion bags at Purl NY are beautiful - that is, if she hasn't made one herself ($120). Tuck in a gift certificate for a crafty class at a local spot like papermaking at Beehive Co-op in Atlanta, letterpress classes from designer Jordan Ferney in San Francisco, or crochet and knitting at Purl in New York (prices vary)

*BOOK IT: Nikki McClure's Things to Make and Do: A Journal ($16.95 at Buy Olympia)

For the five-star grandma who's all
about the grandkids

If they're the light of her life, make sure they make her cards by hand (even if that hand is a little more yours than theirs) and send it off with something really special.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Artist Lisa Golightly just started offering wildly affordable portrait sketch prints from your own photographs ($35+ at Kiki + Polly, shown, frame not included)

*WHAT RECESSION?: Send Brooklyn designer Meg Moorhouse a digital pic of your child, and get an amazing one-of-a-kind personalized sillhouette necklace. Grandma will swoon. ($328 at Candy Store Collective in solid gold, less in vermeil or silver)

*BOOK IT: Make a date to help her fill out Between You and Me Grandma, a perrenial CMP fave

*10% off journals at Between Me and You with code Cool Mom

For the Expectant Mom
Who Needs
Pampering on Demand

It may be premature to buy her Mother's Day Gifts "from the baby," but it's never too early to pamper her, honor her, and make her feel like the queen of the universe as we know it.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Indulgent upcycled cashmere eye pillows say "Go ahead and take a nap. I'll get the dishes." ($30 from Kistner Supply)

*WHAT RECESSION?: The fully loaded gift set from Basq NYC comes with everything she need to make her feel taken care of, except for the pair of strong hands to massage the lotion in. ($115, shown)

*BOOK IT: Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom to Be

*15% off all Basq items at Basq NYC with code COOLMOMS

For your eco-fabulous
bag whore BFF

There are so many stylish eco-bags these days, you can knock off the earth crusaders and the fashionistas on your list all in one fell swoop

*CHEAPLY CHIC: The upcycled clutch from Refind is gorgeous in red ($56). Tuck in your favorite photo of her kiddo that she hasn't seen yet and dial up the sentimental factor.

*WHAT RECESSION?: Stella Mccartney for Lesportsac is hooking up eco mamas just fine with her 100% recycled canteen bag. (Was $175 now 50% off! - shown) Enclose a babysitter gc and book a night on the town for just the two of you.

*BOOK IT: Green Chic: Saving the World in Style

*15% off at Refind with code MOM15 in notes to seller

*50% off the canteen bag at Lesportsac with code SAVE50

For the
literary-minded mama

She'd be ecstatic with nothing more than a handwritten poem! Only problem're not a poet.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Pick your most poetic 100 characters and have them engraved on a lovely sterling bracelet ($48 from Delia S Thompson)

*WHAT RECESSION?: Jeanine Payer jewelry is all inspired by literary quotes. The silver and 18k Atla earrings are engraved with Emily Dickinson's "I dwell in possibility." ($245)

*BOOK IT: Kickstart her memoir with Writing Motherhood by Lisa Garrigues ($21.12 in hardcover at amazon, shown) Or help her sympathize with other literary-minded moms via the parenting anthology, Sleep is for the Weak

*10% off the poetry line at Delia S Thompson with code COOL MOM PICKS in notes to seller

For the mom
who's more

She hasn't traded her tattoos for motherhood, but that doesn't mean that she won't love something sentimental (with a modern twist) and made just for her

*CHEAPLY CHIC: The mom tattoo cookies from Brooklyn Cookie (where else) would make any rockin' mama's Mother's Day ($16, shown)

*WHAT RECESSION?: Gorgeous hand embroidered lace tattoo artwork from artist Theresa Honeywell ($95 and up at Knit Motorcycle)

*BOOK IT: A subscription to Ayun Halliday's alterna-zine, The East Village Inky ($12 for the year)

For the do-gooding mom who'd just as well give her gift to someone else

These days, there are plenty of folks who could use your Mother's Day generosity too. If you've got a mom with a heart of gold in your life, cross Mother's Day shopping off your list and try one of these ideas.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: Recreate note cards are not only beautiful, but 10% of the profits benefit women in India and Africa. ($20)

*WHAT RECESSION?: Dig deep and give her a "good card" from Charity Navigator and Network for Good. You pick the dollar amount, she picks the pet charity to spend it on. (shown)

*BOOK IT: The handmade embroidered writing journals are not only beautiful, they support fair trade artisans in India. Grab a few. ($5 each at Celery Street)

*15% off entire order at Celery Street with code COOLMOM15

For the mother-in-law who doesn't see the kids nearly as much as your own mom

Sometimes there's one grandma who's a little closer, a little more part of the family. All the more reason not to forget the other one this year. Trust us.

*CHEAPLY CHIC: We love the custom Mother's Day dish, especially at this price ($23, shown) but you have to order by 4/20 for Mother's Day. If you miss the boat, check out the lovely "You're the Best" bowl from Paloma's Nest ($18)

*WHAT RECESSION?: We love the cheery yellow Bussolari photo frame ($120 from the Conran shop) - instead of a photo, include a gift certificate for a family photo sitting from a place like Classic Kids Photography.

*BOOK IT: Have the kids fill out every page of I Made This For You then send it to Grandma who can display it easel-style on the night table or the kitchen counter. ($11 at Amazon)

*Free blue bird pendant with purchase at The Brick Kiln with code bluebird in notes to seller

*Free gift with purchase at Paloma's Nest with code COOLMOM in notes to seller

Gifts under $20
that don't seem
like cheaping out

* This lovely Leather flower brooch gives the classic corsage a much needed update ($20)

* Theme Fragrances makes wonderful travel size perfumes (for those no-shower days?) and this comes adorned with a message all moms could use. ($15, shown)

* We love the Get Maternal tea for your favorite pregnant mama ($10.50 from the Republic of Tea)

*  The handmade I Heart You Mug is way nicer than anything mass produced and sold for $3.99 at the card store. ($20 at Vessels and Wares)

Opulent Body Butter from Noodle and Boo smells as divine as the packaging looks. ($18)

*  Blank books make great go-to gifts and we love the elegant "tree free" journal at Zanisa. ($12)

* Any mom from 20 to 120 will get miles of use out of the printed Jersey Scarves from Red Prarie Press - and think of you every time she puts it on. ($18)

* The handprinted cherry blossom note cards from Turtle Papers makes a great little gift in a pinch. ($9)

*$2 international shipping at Accessoire with code Cool Mom International in notes to seller

*15% off entire order at Theme Fragrance when you order through this link

*20% off at Zanisa with code COOLMOM

*10% off at Red Prairie with code COOLMOMSALE

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