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Saturday 02 November

Andy Warhol, Bugaboo, and so many twinkling stars. Can you think of a cooler combination?

Andy Warhol So Many Stars Board Book | Cool Mom PicksLast week, the MoMA Design Store free author events for children continued in New York with none other than Andy Warhol. Of course he was not there himself (that would be a little weird--though very Andy) but we were excited to learn about a new board book out for children featuring some amazing new illustrations. ...

Tuesday 29 October

You can haz kittens and cupcakes on National Cat Day

Kittens and cupcakes on National Cat Day via Uber | Cool Mom PicksI miss many things about working in New York, but today I have a totally unexpected and thoroughly awesome reason to miss my old office. Because today it would have been filled with kittens and cupcakes. ...

Monday 07 October

One seriously sweet NYC boutique (and you can shop from your couch)

Honey in the Rough on Cool Mom PicksOn my now frequent visits to Manhattan, I've become smitten with many adorable kids' boutiques that I'm unable to share with you (boo!) since they don't yet have online stores. ...

Friday 27 September

Heading to NY? Free author events for kids at MoMA Design Store NYC!

Unicorn Book by Bob Shea | Cool Mom PicksSo whether you live in town or you are building an itinerary for your special Saturday visiting the Big Apple, we like to suggest adding the MoMA design store to your schedule. ...

Tuesday 03 September

Calling all runners! Team Baby Buggy needs you for NYC Marathon 2013

Team Baby Buggy ING NYC Marathon | Cool Mom PicksWe've been huge supporters of the amazing charity Baby Buggy since we discovered them in 2011, and we're always ready to help spread the word about the wonderful services they provide. They've got a huge challenge ahead of them this fall, and we'd be thrilled if any of our runners, er, readers would like to join their NYC Marathon team. ...

Tuesday 13 August

NYC, you just hit the Rice Krispy Treat jackpot

Treat House gourmet rice crispy treats | Cool Mom PicksGee, another place to eat sweets, opening in New York City? That's no big whoop. But when the new eatery serves up gourmet rice crispy treats in flavors like red velvet, birthday cake and caramel fleur de sel? Well...that's breaking news. ...

Thursday 08 August

Tips for getting around the city with baby for the first time: a celebration of motherhood firsts

Cute city baby boy outfit from babyGap | Cool Mom PicksWe city mamas know that getting around the city with a baby is a wee bit different than hopping in and out of the SUV all day. If you'e got a trip to a city--New York, Paris, Chicago, you name it--planned with your baby, we hope these tips will help make life easier. ...

Tuesday 16 July

LEGO: The Art of the Brick. And by art, we mean whoa.

LEGO Nathan Sawaya Winged Victory | Cool Mom PicksAnd here I get all excited when my six-year-old puts together a LEGO Lord of the Rings set and only asks for my help twice. ...

Sunday 16 June

Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash 2013: The stars were out, and so were we!

liz gumbinner baby buggy bedtime bash | cool mom picksOnce again, Cool Mom Picks was so happy to support our friends at Baby Buggy on June 4 at the annual Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash carnival, and helping them to raise close to $500,000 for at-risk families with young children in need. And wow, did the celebs come out this year, all with their adorable kids. ...

Tuesday 07 May

The 2013 Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash: We'll be a part this year, come join us!

Jessica Seinfeld at Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash | Cool Mom Picks

When I first discovered Baby Buggy, the remarkable organization that helps new mothers most in need, I was instantly captivated. As a new mom myself, I wanted to know what I could do to help.


Tuesday 02 April

City babies wear black. And chase pigeons. And hail cabs.

NYC pigeon doll from Oeuf on Cool Mom PicksLet's say you've got a die-hard city loving mama to shop for, and price is basically no object. We've found the most fun little baby gifts for urban babies used to things like taxis, park benches and black in the summer.


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