Recently, I attempted to relate highlights of my pregnancy and birth to a newly pregnant friend. It seems all I could remember, other than my labor and delivery, was my penchant for ranch dressing, my huge sausage-like toes, and the 70-lb weight gain. I know that those 9-months held so much more than sleepless nights and crib bedding obsessions, but it’s hard to remember all the intimate details.

If only I had been given writer and stunning photographer Tracey Clark’s Waiting for Baby, a wonderful pregnancy journal that combines beautiful photography and writing prompts to assist you in memorializing your pregnancy with your own photos and stories. With sections such as Celebrations, Important Matters, and Birth Story, this book makes keeping a journal an enjoyable experience for even the most diary-averse folks.

I’m also in love with Tracey’s other book Baby of Mine, a mother memory album for baby’s first year. Unlike boring baby books, this lovely baby book/journal combo gives you plenty of space to capture important milestones as well as writing out your own personal experiences in longer form.

Even if you don’t think you have anything to say, I can assure you that you do. Let Tracey’s books help you tell your story.


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