Restaurant booster seats? Hate ’em. They’re always covered with the slimy remnants of another toddler’s meal — or we hope that sticky mess is from leftover food and not something worse.
Fortunately, the Baby Smart Cooshie Booster is a great alternative to those restaurant-provided seats. The compressed foam seat is tushie-friendly and easy to clean, so your older toddler will be more inclined to stay seated than he would on the hard plastic seats.
The Cooshie Booster even comes with its own carrying bag. Heading to the movies? This seat will give your little one a slightly higher perch. Going to Grandma’s for lunch? No need to bring that rickety old 1950s high chair out of storage — just set the Cooshie on one of the kitchen chairs
and you’re ready to go.
This seat’s not only practical, but it’s easy on the eyes. And best of all, the soft foam won’t scratch your Aunt Edna’s antique dining room chairs, so you and your toddler will be welcome at Thanksgiving dinner time and time again. –Nancy
[Thanks Asha!]


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