If you think Chai is still all the rage, then wake up and smell 2006–Rooibos is what savvy tea drinkers are turning to these days for comfort in a cup. A red tea from South Africa, Rooibos has many of the same antioxidant properties as green tea, only without the caffeine. And it’s reported to ease insomnia, irritability, and anxiety–in other words, all the symptoms of pregnancy. And parenthood. And marriage.
Herb+Ginger has a wonderful selection of Rooibos teas in exotic blends like Island Fantasy, Queen’s Caramel, and Tropical Kisses. The names alone calm you down before your lips have even touched the mug. Plus Herb+Ginger offers other herbal and fruit blends, as well as a nice array of whimsical tea accoutrements like this designer tea strainer.
I’m thinking I may have found the perfect hostess gift for weekend visits to the Hamptons this summer. Now if I could only get myself an invite. -Liz

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