LoripcowWe try so hard to decorate our child’s room with extra special pieces that we love and cherish. We don’t expect our kiddo to stop and stare at the beautiful fairy painting or vintage plane poster. Most likely, they fulfill our own obsessive need for everything to match.
Well, if you are in the market for some original art pieces that your child will love as much as you do, I suggest you check out collage painter Lori Portka. Her pieces involve an intricate process of drawing, collage, and painting with gouache (sounds fancy and foreign, so it must be cool). Her original art and adorable framed prints, which are cheaper but just as cute, are bright, cheery and inspirational. And best of all, kids and babies love them. When we first saw one of her pieces at my friend’s place, it was like my then 6-month old daughter was staring at herself in the mirror; she was mesmerized.
I suggest perusing her Animal Friends collection, and consider asking her about custom and matted/non-framed pieces (for the budget conscious). And if you’re looking to spruce up an office, library, or yoga studio (you never know, right?) then her traveling adventures and yoga bliss lines might be just what you’re looking for. ~ Kristen