For any of us who ever rocked out to girl bands like the Go-Gos or the Bangles, the all-mom band Housewives on Prozac will remind us even though we’ve traded in our legwarmers and boomboxes for maternity jeans and minivans, we can still rock. With songs like “Eat Your Damn Spaghetti” and “Baby Slave,” HOP gives us lighthearted, honest portrayals of some of the realities of womanhood and parenting.
New York-based HOP entertains grown-up audiences with “humor, eclectic rock-n-roll and fabulous outfits.” The band plays venues large and small – from the annual Mamapalooza festival to your sister-in-law’s 40th birthday bash. If you’re not lucky enough to catch them in concert, their two albums, HOP Live and No Prescription Required, are available through CD Baby, along with their new CD single, “Mrs. President,” which was released earlier this year.
Visit the Housewives on Prozac Website to listen to samples or download free mp3’s. In the privacy of your own home, feel free to tease the bangs, throw on your old Flashdance sweatshirt, and shake it. Amy