Father’s Day is upon us, and why punish Dad with another bottle of Brut (by Faberge) when you can blow his mind with the Sonos digital music system.
The logic behind this nifty piece of hardware is simple–most men have secret plans to completely wire your home with speakers in every room and fill each of them with Iron Maiden; but they know you’ll kill them if they do. The Sonos system allows you to put separate, wirelessly connected players in any room of the house, all connected to the music library on your computer.
Better yet, it allows you to simultaneously play different songs in different rooms.And the kicker is the sweet controller with the full-color, iPod-like interface.It’s the sort of drool-inducing technology that turns men into gibbering idiots.
You may ask, “But don’t we have a perfectly good stereo already?And didn’t I buy him an expensive iPod last year?”These are all logical questions, but logic gets fuzzy when a Y-chromosome is confronted with high-end stereo equipment. “But you can’t control our stereo from every room," I told my wife, "and how cool would it be to hear different music in each?”
You’ll be scoring huge huge huge points with the husband here. Trust me on this one.
-Tony, Father’s Day Guest Contributor

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