Ever struggle over what to get your husband for Father’s Day because he just won’t tell you? Fear not, adventurers: If your baby’s daddy was a child of the 80’s, he’ll love receiving a video game from his misspent youth, one at which he can actually beat the kids of today.

The great thing is that these games are now accessible through inexpensive hand held consoles. My personal fave from Namco has five of the top classics: PacMan, DigDug, Bosconian, Rally-X and Galaxian.

The console itself is really simple, with just a joystick and control button, and a nifty switch to start it up. It runs on a couple of batteries and plugs into most TV sets. Connect it to a big screen with surround sound and crank up the wakka wakka PacMan FX to your heart’s content.

To think I used to spend hours dropping change into machines at the local video arcade. Now, for a quarter of the price of a Playstation, I can get my fill and beat the kids at their own games. Enjoy! -Angry Dad, Father’s Day Week guest contributor


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