I met another like-minded mom at this indoor playground the other day. As she packed up to leave, she picked up her one-year-old, popped him into her ring sling, and away they went – her hands free with him comfortably nestled on her hip. Then I thought. I need one of those.
And thus entered Mama Made Baby Slings. I never really thought I’d be the sling kind of girl, but after checking out the one Heather (mom and owner of Mama Made Products) sent me, I’m totally sold. Okay. So it helped that she sent me a gorgeous chocolate brown toile one. But aside from that, it’s sturdy, comfy, and convenient. Plus, it’s made by a mama. If none of the great fabrics (including silk if you’re feeling extra fancypants) tickle your tastebuds, then email her about getting a custom one made. And with the great prices ($45-$100 depending on your fabric choice), you won’t be busting your budget. -Kristen
Updated 2/1: get 25% off your order through Feb 28 if you click through this link to order!

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