Love hurts.

First there’s the morning sickness and the retching. Then comes the gas, the heartburn, the insomnia, the lack of sex drive, the retaining of water, the back soreness, the sciatica, the swollen ankles, swollen face, swollen everything. Not to mention the sudden fits of hysteria.

I haven’t even gotten to the pushing part yet.
Which is why I’m digging on the very appropriate Love Hurts maternity
thermal. It kind of says it all–except the part about squatting on an ice pack for three weeks postpartum. Oops, sorry first-time moms. Didn’t mean to freak you out there.
If you’re still with me, check out ShopLuckyLou’s other cheeky maternity designs here. There’s bound to be something you love. Then go put up those cankles and have a very relaxing (if you can) labor day. –Rebecca

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