With all the scary stuff in the news about lead in lunchboxes, I’m leaning towards the old reliable brown bags when my daughter hits "bring your lunch" age. But little did I know, today’s lunch bags can be just as good for your kids as the food you put inside it. Cheetos not withstanding.
Learning Lunch, a company formed by a very clever group of parents, has come out with lunch bags with fun educational questions printed right on the back.
Their bags cover five subjects–social studies, language arts, math, spelling, and science & health. Each bag hits the topic with questions ranging in difficulty from grade 1 through 12 (although something tells me that your high school senior may not be quite as into this as, say, your third grader). So while your kids are stuffing their faces with peanut butter, they can also be filling their heads with state capitals and verb forms.They’re only $6.95 for a pack of fifty which, if your kid pays attention to the math bags, he will know is just under 14 cents a bag. –Liz
Enter "COOL MOM" in the coupon code section at checkout for free shipping and handling.