I distinctly remember when Peanut Butter & Co opened its doors in New York’s Greenwich Village several years ago. The whole city was abuzz – what could someone possibly do with peanut butter that would be worth a wait down the block?
For me it was the spicy peanut butter and grilled chicken sandwich. Heaven. Lee Zalben’s Peanut Butter & Co Cookbook: Recipes From the World’s Nuttiest Sandwich Shop means you don’t need a (212) area code to get your sticky fingers on his delicious, inventive concoctions. There are more than 80 recipes including baked treats like classic pb cookies or four layer pb & honey cake; and entrees like a peanut butter baked chicken, sesame noodles, and a spicy Thai peanut soup. Then of course, there are sandwiches. All kinds of crazy peanut butter sandwiches, from the Elvis to the Peanut Butter BLT. And your kids thought a fluffernutter was going wild.
If you’ve got a household like ours that goes through a Costco-sized jar of superchunk a week, this is definitely the cookbook for you. Oh, and our child doesn’t even eat the stuff yet. God help us. –Liz[via mommytrack’d]