It’s one thing when you sniff your kid’s clean plastic juice cup and it smells like a menagerie of the last few days of delightful drinks. Ick. But it’s a whole other issue when you read about the leakage of chemicals from the plastic into your kid’s digestive systems. That’s just plain bad news.Instead, invest in a few adorable SIGG Sippies, made from lightweight aluminum and lined with a FDA-approved, non-corrosive liningthat resists acid and won’t flake off. Mom translation: They’re cute, safe, and toddler proof.
While the SIGG Sippies might cost a bit more than your average, run-of-the-mill sippy cup, we figure paying the extra bucks to avoid the leaky chemicals and the stinky smell is totally worth it. -Kristen
Also available in adult sizes and styles here.


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