Chanukah-celebrating moms are busy enough picking out eight presents each for the kids, that the last thing they have time to do is weed through the paltry selection of decent cards out there. Most of them look as if they were slapped together in two seconds by design-school dropouts or little old ladies with a surplus of gold paint on hand.
I was very happy to come across the Mod Menorah card at Fabulous Stationery. It makes an elegantly simple statment with a chic graphic in your choice of three muted colors. And not a trace of shiny gold lettering.
I know–a miracle.
In just 7 days, you’ll have a set of cards personalized with your greeting on the front, an optional greeting on the inside, and a free return address info on the envelopes. I say go for all the options and put the extra time into latka making. –Liz
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