Recently, after confessing an irrepressible pregnancy craving for very forbidden spicy tuna rolls, I found out that I was far from alone. But only one thing was more comforting: A sushi recommendation that gets thumbs-up from even the most cautious OBs. Perhaps because it’s not actually made from raw fish.
Fear not, it’s not made from tofu either.
Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi is–get this–made entirely from chocolate and cookies. What looks like tamago isn’t actually egg, but lemon meringe. Samon roe are replaced by apricot gummi eggs. A realistic looking piece of shrimp sushi is made of white chocolate with a white almond filling. Even the "wasabi" garnish is dessert-compatible.Washi boxes starts at just $32 or, just like at your favorite sushi joint, you can order by the piece.
Trust me on this one–until your pregnant best friend can have the real thing, surprise her with a big Obento Box. She’ll love you for it –Liz
[thanks, Stefania!]


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