If I don’t absolutely adore an outfit for my girls, I don’t buy it. Not even if it’s on the five-dollar rack. But it’s not easy being picky, especially when you’ve been to sixteen stories looking for Just The Right Thing.
The next best thing to just designing exactly what you want yourself has got to be designing exactly what you want with the help of designer Allison Case of Hand Picked Pumpkin. At her website, you just choose the basic garments you like, from lap tees to playsuits to stylish flare pants. Then go to work customizing the fabric color and style, the trim, even the pockets. The result is an outfit you’re sure to adore.
The fabrics are soft cotton knits, the prints are colorful and easily coordinated, the sizes go up to 24 months–and frankly, the whole process is pretty fun. After all, who doesn’t like getting exactly what they want?
And psst…Allison Case does have excellent taste herself. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, check out Hand Picked Pumpkin’s brand new ready made line as well. –Julie

Tags: baby clothes

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