I just came to the realization that the hooded towels Iown cover only about half of my 2-year-old daughter’s body. No wonder she’s always shivering after bathtime.
If you’ve got a new baby coming or, like me, you’re just ready to invest in some better bathtime gear than the stuff you started with, check out the super fluffy Swankie Blankies from Stella Bella Boutique, a great place for all things mom and baby. The plush terry hooded towels suit newborns through preschoolers, andthey come in nine different styles; I’m partial tothe vintage "calling all cars" trim myself. For an extra special touch, or a great shower gift, get yours personalized with the child’s name or initials.
While personally I’m just pleased just to find a towel with a hood that doesn’t look like an animal head, I think my daughter will be particularly happy that I’m no longer drying her off with what amounts to a washcloth. -Kristen

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