Given that my pre-baby figure is MIA and unlikely to return without surgical assistance, I now consider clothes shopping for myself to be a less than perfect way to while away an afternoon. But shopping for my girls? That’s another story. While we do spend our share of time at the same chains as everyone else, my favorite children’s outfits are the ones that you won’t see everywhere.
Online boutique Random Nicole, created by Nicole Stevenson, is a confluence of art and fashion featuring quirky designs and vintage fabrics. This is wearable art, so don’t expect chain store designs–or prices. But if you simply must have your little girl in the cutest bird and flower top you’ve ever seen, need a super cool guitar shirt for a budding musician, or fall in love with the Easy Rider tee for your son, you’re going to be in kidswear heaven. So go ahead – break out of that Baby Gap slump and treat your tot to a treasure. – Julie


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