Whoever invented the Tiny Diner Portable Placemat has definitely walked a mile in my shoes. Whenever we go out to eat, I have no choice but to put pieces of food right on the table because my year-old son is known to send his plates sailing without so much as a head’s up, suckas! But those tables? They may look clean but I can assure you that the rag used to wipe them down is teeming with microscopic life forms.
So for me, my handful of a toddler, and my inner germophobe, the washable, re-usuable Tiny Diner Placemat is an absolute must. It rolls up easily so you can stick it in your diaper bag, and the suction cups underneath mean it stays put even if the food on top of it still goes flying.
Besides, it makes you look a whole lot less freaky than the mom next to you who’s wiping down all the restaurant tables with an antibacterial wipe. -Izzy
[Via foodmomiac]


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