I’m not the type of person who avoids walking under ladders or reschedules meetings because my horoscope tells me to. But I admit that when I heard that babies born this year, according to Chinese astrology, would be the very blessed and rare Golden Pigs – I gave my pregnant belly a little rub and smiled from ear to ear.
If you’ve got a pig in the oven (so to speak), or know someone who does, honor the event with one of the sweet keepsake birth year boxes from Tree by Kerry Lee. The distressed wooden box features the baby’s birth year and zodiac animal on the top, and a list of personality traits around the sides.
Like you didn’t already know he’ll be affectionate, smart and generous. He is your child, right? –Liz
Gong Xi Fa Cai – Luck and prosperity from Cool Mom Picks on Chinese New Year


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