I have developed a wee bit of cynicism about the recent spate of irreverent momoirs and advice books out there for parents. The vast majority have terrific titles…and that’s pretty much where you’ll want to stop reading. So I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I heard about Peeing in Peace: Tales and Tips for Type A Moms.
But guess what – the great (and thoroughly insightful) title isn’t an oversell for a change. This palm-sized little tome from entertainment publicist Beth Feldman and TV producer Yvette Corporon (also the co-founders of the RoleMommy online community) is enjoyable and even helpful for those making the leap from working woman to psychopath….er, I mean overworked mother.
You’ll find common sense tips and witty personal anecdotes about striking balance in your life while managing the changes from the years BC (before child) to those AD (after diapers). And it’s all written in a breezy, not-trying-too-hard-to-be-funny style that will still have you snickering out loud.
I especially love that one of authors chose to return to her career after having kids while the other one hit the mommy track, so both perspectives are well-covered. None of that "my choice is better than yours" BS that’s floating around these days; all Type-A’s are cordially welcome here.
Make the time to pick up a copy of Peeing in Peace at Amazon. Making the time to actually read it, well I know that’s another story entirely. –Liz


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