It’s no secret that cooking doesn’t usually inspire warm and fuzzy feelings in me. I’m especially hesitant to try new recipes – after all that effort, will it turn out well? Or will it end up dumped into a napkin when I turn my back and shoved into the nearest receptacle or willing household pet?
While frankly, I’d much rather have a personal chef than another cookbook, I am pretty excited about the new Cookbook for Moms being developed by What it lacks in a catchy title it makes for in concept: Recipes submitted online by people like, say, you, will be voted on by moms and only the best of the best will be included in the official final, hardcover volume, published just in time for Mother’s Day. Tried and true recipes that have proven family-appeal? Sign me up.
Nigella Lawson is writing the forward, so this is a big thing if your recipe is chosen. Plus 100% of the profits go to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America which is just awesome.
If Emeril shows up at my doorstep on Mother’s Day to spend the week cooking for me, I won’t turn him away. But I’ll hope that his hostess gift to me is the Cookbook For Moms so that I won’t be completely helpless when he leaves. –Julie
Submissions and voting are in progress now, so get moving! You have until April 18.