I’m always looking for great political kids’ tees because really, what is more 2007 than a toddler with a cause? The fact is, most of the threads I come across have appealing enough messages, but the design looks like it was created by a 7th grader with Microsoft Word.

The tees at Tiny Revolutionary, however, are a breath of fresh (pollution-free, non ozone-depleting) air, featuring appealing illustrative designs coupled with messages of social responsibility and global citizenship.
While parents leaning towards "future democrat" tees for their babies will find more here than their GOP counterparts, plenty of the designs have fairly broad appeal. Think: "Drive a hybrid," "War is poop," or "I’ll change the world someday" (shown here), all on suuuuuper nice quality pima cotton tees and onesies. Owner BreeAnne Clowdus swears organic is coming soon.They’ve also got perhaps the best looking adoption tee we’ve found yet, one simply captioned "Chosen." And a nice little selection in the two mommies/two daddies arena.I also love that Tiny Revolutionary walks the walk, donating $1 of each purchase to charities like Infant Crisis Services and Doctors Without Borders. Fist in the air. –Liz


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