Confession: I admitto wearingone of my daughter’s hair clips out of utter desperation.

Granted I didn’t wear it out of the house (I swear) but still, there’s something to be said for sharing accessories, provided they don’t have Elmo on them. So instead of buying a whole slew of hair clips for myself, I’m grabbing a bunch of these cool barrettes from Yosifa-Penina as a "gift" for my daughter.
Created by designer Jules Sherman, these soft, rubbery, modern barrettes are actually created for adults with designs inspired by art and nature–meaning I would actually be caught dead in them outside of my own home. The kid-specific designs are cute too (the poodles and the monkeys crack me up) but not necessarily ideal for the both of you.
They’re available at Smashing Darling. Seriously, way better use of plastic than half the garbage in my kid’s room these days. -Kristen


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