I’ve learned not to invest too much in craft supplies for every new project that strikes my girls’ fancy. One moment you’re bringing home fabric paints and the next they’re like, "No mom, we want the Bedazzler!" Both of which, by the way, will end up in the back of a closet before you know it.If you’ve got a grade-schooler, guide his or her creative impulses in a productive direction with this darling battery-operated antique Singer sewing machine. Budding seamstresses (and seamsters?) will have a ball sewing fabric remnants into doll dresses, tea party tablecloths, or even just creative whatchamacallits that make them happy.
At less than $25 at One Good Bumblebee, it won’t matter if your child ever learns to sew a straight seam. Besides, it makes a much more handsome decoration than any discarded latch-hook pillow supplies ever did. –Julie


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