In a perfect world, every restaurant would offer crayons and a paper placemat to keep toddlers’ attention away from the shiny, pretty knives. Or alternately, I’d remember to bring some myself to keep from having to let my daughter scribble on my checkbook.
But now I have a better idea: The laminated chalkmats from Sam & Bellie. On one side, they’re like funky laminated placemats with retro-inspired patterns. On the other side, it’s a portable chalkboard to keep your kid occupied before the chicken fingers arrive. Roll it up and stash in the Skip Hop for artistic emergencies.
We just received a sushi-patterned mat from my sister-in-law for my two year-old’s birthday, and for those who always talk about what schlubs their in-laws are in the gift giving department…well, just thought I’d wave that in your face. –Liz
[thanks maggie!]
Congrats to Sara P, CMP reader and proud new chalkmat owner


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