Why is it that I can find the greatest quality shirts chock full offunny sayingsand funky patterns–but the solid shirts in stores are limited to the mall store’s two featured ugly colors of the season, or the discount three-pack with the too-tight crew necks?Enter the superior, simple solids from Cottonseed Clothing. Mom Erin Gutierrez was sick of searching for premium quality solid color shirts to match patterned hand-me-down pants and skirts so, smart woman that she is, she designed her own. In 24 really beautiful colors.I promise these are not your average tees and onesies. The extra soft, tightly spun cotton makes for a hearty shirt that won’t become see-through after the fourth washing. They look great under overalls and jumpers, especially without Diego’s head peeking out the side.If you’re a crafty mama, these are a super high-quality alternative to that other ubiquitous brand of solids out there. Just know that they do perfectly fine standing on their own too. -Kristen
Congrats to reader Aimee B who won a Cottonseed gift set


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