I swear I once asked my friend if she needed a blanket to put her 10 month old down on my floor. Um, the kid was walking already.
Despite having two kids myself, I’m clearly not one to remember what developmental milestone comes when. So good thing I found ebeanstalk before I bought the poor girl a rattle for her first birthday.
This awesome, dad-run toy shop is so so smart. They’ve put together a selection of the top learning toys for the pre-K set, grouped by age and skill. It’s all been carefully curated by a team of child experts and a panel of 700 actual moms around the country–including CMP editor Kristen. Who highly recommends the puppet stage, by the way.
Let’s just say only about 10% of the toys at ebeanstalk have batteries and there’s not a licensed character to be found. While there are a few of the better FP items poking around, mostly you’ll find boutique brands we love like Alex and Plan Toys.
What’s really cool though are all the gift series options so you can send a kid something developmentally appropriate every three months for a year. Pick your own toys, or just use ebeanstalk’s recos, like the ultimate newborn gift series (calling all grandparents!) or the space saver series for apartment-dwelling city families like mine.
Because the only worse gift for a NYC one year-old than a rattle, is a life-size tepee. –Liz
Special offer just for CMP readers: Use code COOLMOM10% for 10% off anything in the store, or go nuts and get a gift series and code COOLMOM15% will get you 15% off.
Congrats to Joanne O who won her own year-long newborn gift series.


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