While we’re busy paring down the plastic in our kids’ toy boxes these days–whoops–totally forgot about the plastic in the kitchen drawers. If you’re looking for some greener feeding options for your baby or toddler, there’s a fantastic line of Bambu utensils at the always ahead-of-the-eco-curve Branch Home.

Bambu is a great reminder that not everything made in China is scary these days. This amazing company is extremely committed to health, worker safety, and the use of sustainable materials like…well, bamboo. I love the baby fork and spoon set which Branch can hardly keep in stock. Plus there’s one for toddlers, and even a set of kid-sized kitchen utensils for buddiing chefs.

The prices are amazing. And considering the renewability of bamboo, the cost is low too. –Liz 

[thanks, chris!] 

Find bamboo utensils from Bambu for kids and adults online at Branch Home


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