Confession: I used to think nipple confusion was a myth invented by lactivists to keep kids on the boob. And then my second girl came along and, holy sleepless night, Batman, she would not take a bottle, no way no how.

I asked – no, begged – friends, family, strangers on the street for any help and a few benevolent, wonderful souls me towards the Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle. My lifesaver!

This super innovative bottle looks and feels enough like a boob to get you kicked off a United Flight when you whip it out. It’s supple, soft, and absolutely Bisphenol A-free so no worries using a microwave, bottle warmer, or giving it a spin in the dishwasher. Plus – Hooray for fewer parts to wash. It’s just one piece plus the screw-on base which even has some gas-reducing thingie built-into it.

There are three sizes but my 4 month-old was fine with the fast flow orange one. Get a bunch (if they’re not on backorder). Whether you’ve got a kid with nipple issues or you just want a better, easier, safer bottle.

Even if the kid’s still on the boob, there’s infinite value in sharing feeding duties at night. Trust me. –Liz 

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