I absolutely cannot wait for the first snowfall this year. I am so looking forward to walking around the streets of New York, capturing my baby daughter’s reaction to the beautiful sparkling snowflakes for the first time.

Well, that, and there’s also there’s the matter of the shoes.

Okay so you got me. It’s pretty much all about the shoes. 

You see, back I first learned that one of our favorite shoe purveyors, Vincent, came out with a line of prewalkers, I snapped up a pair of the fleecy, cozy red Mini Bjorns right away. (Although it was hard to choose between the red and the silver.) They’ve just been sitting on a shelf for months now, taunting me with their newness while the temperatures continue to hover around Not Cold Enough for the Mini Bjorns.

It’s not fair, I tell you.

So okay, snow. we’re waiting. Me and my kids’ awesome red shoes. Any time you’re ready. –Liz

Congrats to winners Naomi S and Regan B!


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