I’ve decided to capitalize on my daughter’s prolific talent this year and turn her artwork into gifts for the entire family. For a very special grandmom (I’m talking super special), that means a clutch from LA-based Scribble Couture.

Bag designer True Cross will work with you to create the most unique personalized gift I’m betting you can find. Just send her an original or scan of your kid’s artwork, and she’ll work with her embroidery artists to create a snazzy, real leather tote or clutch (my daughter’s kitty pictured).

Scribble Couture bags are definitely on the high-priced end of the keepsake scale, but rest assured, these are top-notch quality bags with a beautiful multi-colored lining, and not just some cheap canvas thingie like the local radio station gives away to winners.  If you want to give away that kind of thing to the grandma in your life – well, you’re on your own. -Kristen


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