I’m definitely in the "One for you…one for me…" camp when I’m holiday shopping, much to the annoyance of the sigOth who says he can never get me something without me having bought it for myself first.

This time around I might just do him a favor in pointing him towards the casually swanky Ora Kiely shoulder bags at one of our favorite shops, Twig. The canvas fabrics in three different happy colors are laminated, making them ideal for moms who want to remain fashionable in the face of sticky-fingered toddlers and infants with unpredictable digestive systems.

Plus I’ve got a beach trip coming up real soon. If that bag looks nice to me now, it will look even nicer slung over a tan arm, inches away from the stem of a fat margarita glass. –Liz

Use code CMPHOLIDAY07 for orders 15% off through 12/22 


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