Thanks to frequent military moves and furnished rentals, my daughter’s baby room decor was an eclectic mix of favorite items and gifts. Which is a nice way of saying that it had no style whatsoever.

But now that’s we’re settled in one place, I’m excited to actually put together something tasteful and soothing and sweet that we both will love — and so I’m excited to have discovered this gorgeous Marie Ricci clock. At first glance they look like carved stone, which might seem a bit impractical for a child’s room. But actually, these totally custom handmade clocks (and all the other cool stuff she sells like wall plaques and chandeliers) are recast from handcarved originals in lighter weight, durable resin.

Like a modern twist for decor traditionalists, Marie’s designs are a wonderful addition to any lucky child’s room. Just ask my daughter. -Kristen


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