I think every kid should have a costume chest (or costume closet if you have a big house like my sister-in-law). Boy or girl, there’s no better rainy day activity than pretending to be a butterfly or an alien or a superhero firefighting princess.

The handmade capes from Panjo Kids are the kind of thing no imaginative child should be without. Designed by Portland mom Ellie Purvis when she’s not working as a sign language interpreter, the capes are totally customizable in terms of fabric (she has great ones), size, or even a letter or symbol on the back with just the teeniest bit of superpower shimmer in it. In other words, no need to get a giant S unless your kid’s name is Sam.

Personally, I love the comic book print fabric that says "POW BLAM! SLAM!" All over it. Which, as we all know, are the sounds of a superhero settling matters through peaceful diplomacy. –Liz

Congratulations to lucky winner Emily M!


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