I’m always on the look out for something to do with my favorite pictures, other than frame them. Custom bags, jewelry – you name it, I’ve got it.

But puzzles? Not until now.

While it’s easy to be mesmerized by Liberty’s unique vintage children’s puzzles with images from classic nursery rhymes, don’t stop there.  Click over to their custom page and you’ll see the masterpieces they can create with your own photos, which go well beyond some ordinary slice-and-dice grid puzzle that some of the photo sites offer. In fact Liberty does this really cool special thing in which they incorporate unique shapes like eagles, and horses and dancing ladies (oh my).

Pricing starts at $105 for a 9 x 13 225-piece custom puzzle, so choose that photo wisely. Save the ones with red-eye for your albums. -Kristen

[thanks rebecca]


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