It’s clear that everyone’s going green this year. But some retailers seem to be jumping on a trend, while others actually seem to be living their values. In the latter category, the very impressive Zia & Tia.

This shop was started by parents and organic vegan bakery owners, Julie and Danny, after adopting their daughter Zia from China. Already living a totally earth-friendly lifestyle (seriously, they compost), they figured heck, why not sell all of these awesome luxury organic goods we’ve been finding, and while we’re at it, for every product sold we’ll donate some cash to Half the Sky Foundation, and plant a tree through Trees for the Future.

If that doesn’t make you want to buy something, the selection surely will. This is a one-stop shop for beautiful high-end organic baby clothes and handknits,  everything you need for the nursery, and our kinda toys and dolls. Then, of course, Skinnimini Edibles, the baked goods that started it all.

I’ve always said that brownies lead to good things. -Liz 

Use code COOLMOM for 10% off at Zia & Tia! 


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