Like the other CMP writers, I don’t usually gravitate toward keepsakes. If it’s engraved or personalized and it’s not a wedding invitation, it’s probably not my style.

But there’s an exception to everything, and my beautiful mother’s necklace from ohana by Lea definitely flies in the face of my "get that engraved thing away from me" policy. Designer Lea Speakes lovingly creates custom silver jewelry with careful attention to every detail down to the packaging. The sterling silver discs are each hand-stamped with my children’s names and a tiny design, then dangle from a delicate silver chain that make it altogether understated and simple.

The price? Also extremely understated at $28. 

I’ve worn my mother’s necklace every day since I received it. That’s the greatest proof I can offer that I’ve found a keepsake worth keeping.- Julie

Congrats to mother’s necklace winner, Deirdre S!


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