I’m a firm believer that well-behaved children should also be allowed in restaurants that don’t encourage them to color on the tables. But if you’re willing to take that leap, then it’s up to you to keep the kids occupied in ways that don’t require a legion of busboys to clean up after them.

Chalk mats are always a good idea, and I really like the new ones from CMP fave Bella Tunno. Called Designer Diners (ooh, swanky) they unroll to a cute laminated place mat on one side, and a handy toddler distracting device on the other. There are nine styles to choose from, although knowing Bella Tunno there will be about 140 in no time.

I really like that built-in pocket on the back. Nothing worse than feeling all proud of yourself for having remembered a chalk mat, unrolling it, then realizing you’ve got no chalk. Been there. –Liz 

Use code CMP20 for 20% off all products at Bella Tunno! 

Congratulations to Designer Diner winner Jessica C!

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